SmokeStik ECig Review 2012

Have you ever seen the video of Katherine Heigl smoking an electronic cigarette on David Letterman’s Tonight Show? Well the E-Cigarette brand that she was smoking was SmokeStik. Smokestik is one of the top brands on the market and has been around since electronic cigarettes took off a few years ago. If you’re looking for a brand to get started with in terms of beginning to smoke E-Cigarettes or if you want to get someone else started on the road to quitting tobacco, than SmokeStik is the way to go. There’s a lot of things to look at here with SmokeStik’s product line, so we’ll go through a few different aspects, from their quality starter kits to what makes their brand different from all of the brands to their different options for accessories, cartridges and more. Additionally, I received a sample Halligan SmokeStik Starter Kit that I have written a full review on so that you can get an idea about the pros and cons of purchasing SmokeStik products.

SmokeStik Starter Kits – One of the best things about this brand is that they have different started packs available, which is always a good sign when you’re looking for a good electronic cigarette brand. Usually, those with more kits have more experience in the industry. With SmokeStik, you get almost a dozen starter kits including Halligan, Hendu, Pink, JET Starterm Pitbull, Premium and Royale. Each one of these packages has special elements designed for different needs, and if you need more information, a quick overview will be presented to help you decide which kit is the best one for you.

Smokestik has offered up their newest and best kit called The Halligan Starter Kit which includes 2 futuristic, sleek red batteries that will light up when smoked. The Halligan batteries last for a very long time and are rated at 250 mAH which is a measurement of how long a particular battery charge will hold after being completely charged. Compared to other batteries on the market and the original SmokeStik batteries these ones will last much longer. This kit also comes with 1 low, 1 medium and 1 high nicotine level cartridge cartomizers. Another benefit of this product is that if you purchase one a portion of the money will go to the Feel Good Foundation which is an organization committed to helping first responders. The Haligan Starter Kit is sold for 99.95, which is an excellent price for a high end E-Cigarette.

Pitbull Starter Kit – Similar to the Halligan Starter Kit, the Pitbull Starter Kit also has the high power and extremely long lasting battery that makes both products some of the best products available in today’s market. Just like the Halligan kit, three cartomizers are included in the Pitbull Starter Kit. The Pitbull Starter Kit is equipped with two high powered (250 mAH) batteries. These are sleek silver batteries that are truly more attractive than most competing batteries. Proceeds from sales of the Pitbull Kit will benefit the Compassion Revolution, a charity founded by actress Katherine Heigl to end pet overpopulation.

Hendu Elite Starter Kit – The Hendu Kit is high performing like most of SmokeStik’s starter kits, but it by far the best looking. It comes with a stainless steel battery that lights up purple at the end with a jewel LED tip. This is seriously one of the coolest looking E-Cigs that I’ve ever seen.

The Royale Started kit is the cheapest option from SmokeStik. It costs less than $80 and includes a white battery with three cartomizers (high, medium, and low nicotine). This kit performs on the level of other kits but has a white battery, and costs less.

The Other kits for use: The starter kits of major category are dealt upon here. However, details on other category are also provided here to keep the readers engrossed to the subject. First comes the **Pink Starter Kit** made for ladies and the the best choice for them. The features in it such as nicely made twin pink batteries sharing a special slender SmokeStik that is a real beauty. The next in the race is the **Jet Starter Kit** with a ultra modern jet black battery that costs $89.95 and is the right choice for one who yearn for the traditional black E-Cigarette look. Then the last but not the least is the **Premium Starter Kit**. Now the top selling SmokeStik’s is the right choice for one who crave for a minimal model of E-Cigarette that gives a excellent vapor and a result of a engrossing experience of a puff.

SmokeStik is much better than any other brand on the market. It’s easy to tell from the starter kits why this is the case — the cigarette itself is the highest quality manufactured in the market, the battery has a higher capacity and better performance than any on the market. The cartomizers are really cool too — they are low resistance, so vapor is easy to generate and satisfying. Never go back to real tobacco, with SmokeStik E-cigarettes.

New XL Cartomizers – SmokeStik recently began offering a product called “XL Cartomizers”. Cartomizers are the cartridges that you plug into the E-Cig battery and they contain the E-Liquid and the atomizer that uses the battery power to vaporize the e-Liquid and create the vapor that you inhale. Anyway, these XL Cartomizers hold two times as much E-Liquid as their original cartomizers! The best part is that their 5-packs of XL Cartomizers only cost $27.95, only around $8 more than their other 5-packs of normal cartomizers.

Accessories – While the SmokeStik starter kit covers just about everything one would want, Smokestik is doing something that I have yet to see from any other brand on the E-Cig market. They offer battery skin covers, so you can now personalize your SmokeStik like never before! Also they are now have great strings so you can hang yoru SmokeStik around your neck so you know where it is at all times.

Thus far we’ve talked about the SmokeStik brand and how good it is, but I’d like you who are reading this to really get a complete, first hand review of why this brand and its starter kits are so unique. I got their latest offering, the Halligan Starter Kit, when I asked SmokeStik for a sample that I could review.

The first thing that I noticed when the Halligan Kit arrived in the mail was that SmokeStik has some of the best packaging and quality of appearance that you’ll find on the E-Cigarette market. The Halligan E-Cig was packaged very nicely and just looked like a present waiting to be opened on Christmas day.

Sadly, it was necessary for me to give the batteries a charge before I could use it, and this was difficult because I just wanted to get the sleek, lovely battery plugged into a cartomizer and begin smoking away. I was aware that SmokeStik’s E-Cigs were known for producing some of the most ideal and satisfying vapor, and I was raring to go and get puffing!

Well I finally got the Halligan battery charged and upon my first puff of this product, I knew why it was so highly rated by other reviewers. The vapor came flowing out of that low resistance cartomizer so smoothly, hitting the back of my throat in a super satisfying throat hit. I exhaled a huge cloud of vapor and I knew this product was going to get a really great review. So here is my full rating overview of the Halligan Starter Kit!

The most reliable feature of the device is the battery. This new battery is an updated version of SmokeStik’s old battery and has a 250 mAH. This is the measure of how long the battery stays charged. To top it off, it is really neat looking. Personally, I loved the red design, but my favorite feature was the super strong battery. The charge lasted a very long time and created a lot of vapor which is really satisfying.

The Quality of Vapor and Throat Hit- As I wrote about in the section above concerning batteries, the Halligan E-Cigarette has, in my opinion, some of the best, most satisfying vapor ever seen. Quite honestly, the battery, which is high powered, teamed up with their low resistance vapors, produces the most ideal vapor I have ever laid my eyes on.

Looks and Appearance – The products that SmokeStik manufactures are very chic. When you purchase a SmokeStik product you are buying a piece of art. I have received the beautiful Halligan model bout all of their models available are works of art, especially the Hendu Elite.

Cost-The SmokeStik starter kits are slightly more expensive than others on the market, but the price is worth it for their superior design and performance. SmokeStik makes sturdier, better performing and better designed products, so the slightly higher price is indeed more than warranted. Dont’t waste your money on inferior brands-spend a little more on the superior SmokeStik electronic cigarettes.

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