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If you have not heard much about electronic cigarettes until now, you may find the information you have heard quite confusing. Information from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), E-Cig manufacturers and vapers (users of E-Cigs) may vary widely. Some sources say that E-Cigs are helpful if you are trying to stop smoking, and you may be burning with curiosity about this claim.

Online research reveals both positive and negative reviews of E-Cigs in general as well as the various types and brands of E-Cigs. All of this conflicting information can leave consumers wondering whom to trust. Can vapers, manufacturers or the government be trusted to tell the whole truth about E-Cigs?

Who is behind New Electronic Cigarette Review (newelectroniccigarettereview.com) And What Is The E-Cig Review Process?

Experienced vapers with years of knowledge are behind the concept and initial reviews at New Electronic Cigarette Review. We work hard to provide the most accurate and truthful information possible about E-Cigs in general. We also provide in depth reviews of individual brands. We feel confident that you will be able to make good, independent decisions if you have access to a wealth of pertinent and accurate information.

With years of E-Cig experience under our belts, we have tried all of the major brands and a few off brands. Naturally, we have chosen the E-Cigs we like best, but it is not our intention to sell you on these brands.

NewElectronicCigaretteReview.com is an open forum for people who smoke and people who have transitioned from smoking to vaping (enjoying electronic cigarettes) to share experiences and viewpoints in an effort to inform and educate. We will also share our own knowledge, experience and expertise, but we want it understood that we consider your experiences and opinions of equal importance and value.

How does it work?

Every vaper (person who enjoys E-Cigs) is different, and each viewpoint is unique and of great value. We want our website to be open and welcoming to all points of view to enable people interested in E-Cigs to form knowledgeable opinions.

Our team of E-Cig reviewers will begin each discussion with solid research and personal reviews. Once our opinions and experiences are posted, we welcome and encourage consumer participation in discussion of each brand we present. Your valuable knowledge and experiences will help other vapers make important decisions easily due to having all pertinent information gathered in one location.

You can consider our process to be similar to a court process. We will identify brands to try and seek out any problems that might arise with them. We will present our findings and leave it up to an open court of consumers to arrive at a current verdict as to the value and quality of each brand scrutinized.

Consumer participants will have the opportunity to review the information and rate each brand on a number of different defined scoring factors. Together we will create a solid body of knowledge to act as a reference for people who want to know the truth about E-Cigs.

Other E-Cig review sites only present either their own reviews (and not to boast too much but we like to think our expert reviews offer a lot more in-depth insight and real useful information than other sites who barely seem to skim the surface), or they only show user reviews and testimonials. We want to improve on that by presenting our own expert reviews and then recruiting systematic reviews from the vaping community. We feel that this will present a complete picture to people who want a truly objective view of each and every E-Cig brand.

Why is this important?

By establishing our website in this way, we assure you that we are not just promoting a specific brand because we make money on commissions – in fact we review many brands we don’t earn any on. We want to create a review site that gives full, honest, multi-faceted reviews of multiple brands. Other review websites give 100% positive reviews of the brands that generate the best income for the website owners. These sites are not consumer driven, but “New Electronic Cigarette Review” is.

At http://newelectroniccigarettereview.com, you’ll see all kinds of E-Cig reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly. Once a brand has been opened up for review, it will remain open so that, if there are changes in manufacture, pricing or other important aspects of the brand, they will be reflected in current reviews. You will always be able to count on (E-Cig review website) for the best, most current and most accurate E-Cig reviews.

Your participation has great value!

We hope you will support us and other readers and e-cig newbies and experienced alike, by locating the E-Cig brands you have used and taking a few moments to write your own valuable and appreciated review. Your words of wisdom will help vapers who are having a hard time finding just the right fit or those who are just curious about E-Cigs make some important and life changing decisions. We will be launching some great e-cig giveaways and chances to win free electronic cigarette starter kits, premium e liquid and other awesome prizes to reward and encourage you to help out by sharing your experiences and thoughts on the site! Stay tuned and check back as we plan on starting this ongoing very soon.

Consider “New Electronic Cigarette Review” a safe haven!

We want our reviewers and visitors to feel safe and comfortable visiting http://NewElectronicCigaretteReview.com. For this reason, we want to make it clear that we do not tolerate:

  • Slander
  • Profanity
  • Threats
  • Flaming
  • Racism
  • Discrimination
  • Self promotion
  • Hidden messages
  • Obviously fabricated reviews
  • Or any other inappropriate behavior (at our discretion).

We do not post promotional sales-oriented pseudo-reviews, nor do we unduly trash brands harshly either, and we expect the same courtesy from our users. Likewise, we expect objective reviews, not personally bashing.

Our goal is to share honest information that will enable site users to make good, independent decisions. We do not want site users to be excessively influenced toward or away from any particular brand of E-Cig. With that end in mind, please think of the value of your review for the next person who reads it. Whether you are reviewing your brand of choice or the one you like the least, keep it factual and objective.

Additionally, we provide a contact form for specific questions and also as a way of gathering informal data in regards to E-Cig use. If your use of E-Cigs has allowed you to stop smoking altogether, reduce nicotine use dramatically, or made any other positive or negative change in your life, please share this information with us at (E-Cig review website), your one stop shop for the best and most accurate E-Cig information.

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