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SmokeStik likewise provides great extra information about their business as well as their products. Few additional providers will definitely give you insight and buying guidance like Smoke Stik delivers. You cab browse the internet site to get used to the items and also decide on the superb acquisition for you. The FAQ and manuals consist of terrific reviews as well as pointers.

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After trying out Pure Cig’s two different e-cig kits last night for the first time, I had a revelation. The world of electronic cigarettes is a world of 2’s.

  • There are two mainstream models: two and three piece and their cartomizers and atomizers.
  • There are automatic and manual switches, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, beginning newbies and modding veterans.
  • But the most important duality is the divergence of two common goals among e-smokers, the defining split in the culture.
  • We have those traditional e-smokers looking for an e-cig that fills the hole where tobacco smoking once lived, in all of it’s aesthetic glory.
  • … Hovered behind them, pulling massive puffs from their custom vaporizers, are the e-smokers who care about nothing more than getting the most badass throat hit, appearances be damned.

Pure Cigs ReviewYou’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything, and especially what it has to do with Pure Cigs two kit options that I started talking about at the beginning. Let me explain: after experimenting with Pure Cig’s Standard Kits (I had the Starter version) and their XL Solo Kit, I felt that I had finally found a brand that bridged all those gaps.

Pure Cigs: One Company, Two Universes

No other brand has taken the sort of dual-kit approach that Pure Cigs has going on right now. They are offering two types of kits; the Standard Kits and the XL Solo kit. The first is a visual masterpiece that emulates real cigarettes almost too well, I was confronted in a Starbucks for smoking indoors at one point! And the second kit, the XL Solo, is pure performance. It runs forever, hits the throat hard and has a USB pass-through. It’s awesome. This double kit system is great for us e-smoker’s because not only can we choose between the two products as usual, but we can have both and use PureCig’s line of accessories universally!


The standard two-piece product, found in the Starter and Deluxe Kits, has probably the most traditionally cigarette design and packaging that I’ve ever seen in a e-cig kit. Their cartomizers have that classic orange-with-white-specks color scheme that is used on almost every brand of tobacco cigarettes, and the batteries come in the off-white color to match them and create a tobacco cigarette clone (though you can get black too). The carrying case has dimensions very similar to a pack of cigarettes and sports a flashy blue on black color scheme that sort of reminds me of Djarum Clove Cigarette packs from my teenage years. The size is just right and the quality, while nothing groundbreaking, is definitely good. This kit option is dead-on for beginning smokers looking for an introductory experience and a smooth transition from tobacco, though it doesn’t really stand out from similar products.


The Bargain Performance Kit


Now let’s talk about that XL Solo Kit. At the surprising price of $39.99, I fell in love with this device. The exact model is unknown, but it’s some sort of 510 model with the three pieces and everything. This device looks nothing like the Standard Kit’s devices, it’s a whole different world; a world of incomparable performance. It has an incredibly long lasting batter that runs circles around most batteries that I’ve used; this was already enough to make the XL Solo worth it’s price tag. But Pure Cigs had to pile it on; they also threw in a USB Passthrough and charger, dual-coil cartomizers and a battery level indicator that really makes using this device into a powerful user experience at a bargain basement price. However I was a little miffed that they couldn’t even include a wall charger with the XL Solo, USB charging is nice but wall charging is just safer and faster overall. Any veteran smoker looking for a top-of-the-line battery, super vapor fullness and a bunch of useful extras should definitely not overlook Pure Cigs XL Solo Kit.


Specs and Overview


PureCigs Overall: Flavors and Accessories


PureCigs has as solid a line-up of flavors as anyone, they’ve got 6 flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Virginia, Nutty, Vanilla, Cherry, and Risque. I tried the Menthol and it was a pretty god flavor. In terms of strengths, this brand is kind of lacking; they don’t even put their cartridge strengths, of which they only have three, in the commonly accepted mg form. They use the percentage of nicotine per e-liquid in the cartridge and have these strengths: 1.1%, 1.6%, and 2.4%. It’s hard to believe they don’t offer a 0% option, not to mention that they are throwing off beginners who haven’t learned about e-liquid contents yet. In terms of accessories, one item stands out; their XL Battery. This baby has an insane 650 mAH and packs almost all possible voltage into each puff. Besides that it is a pretty standard collection of items.


Standard and Deluxe Kits

Price: $69.99 and $89.99


These kits are looking pretty much to contain something a kr808d style model of e-cig; it’s  that model that 2-piece e-cigs exclusively are sold as today. They are mini and don’t hold much of a charge, but they’ll definitely give that comfortable tobacco cigarette feel that many beginners are looking for. The Standard Kit comes with 2 batteries, 2 light flavor cartridges, 2 full flavor cartridges, a USB Charger, Wall Charger and that cigarette pack-looking carrying case. Overall the specs on these kits are looking to be right along the market average for similar devices, but the price tag is a bit high for the contents of the kits. Most Standard Starter Kits with kr808d models are below the $60 mark, so it’s a wonder why Pure Cigs didn’t follow along.


XL Solo Kit

Price: $39.99


The XL Solo contains a machine that seems to be some sort of 510 model; characterized by the XL, dual-coil cartridge and big ol’ battery. That battery puts out what must be a very-near 4v charge, but more impressively is it’s 650mAH (a measure of battery capacity) that allows this device to run so much longer than other products that seem to skate around 250mAH on average. Once you add in the Pure XL’s manual switch into the equation, you’re looking at superpowered vapor plumes rolling out of your mouth. The battery on this baby had me puffing away for a day and a half; I’d estimate around 700 huge puffs were had. Pure Cigs claims that it can charge fully using the included USB charger due to an internal charger, this is an interesting idea though I’m still nervous to risk my computer’s life by charging over USB. But USB is not all bad, the USB passthrough was really useful; it allows you to smoke at full power while your device charges! But when I wasn’t using the passthrough, I really liked the battery indicator light included on the device; it was much nicer to see that the battery was low than to taste the burnt vapor or suck like a vacuum on a drained device. Oh and I totally forgot to mention that the battery has a lock button that makes sure you don’t accidentally turn it on in your pocket, conserving even more battery life! The specs on the XL Solo kit by PureCigs are definitely original; I would have to rank this device as a pleasant surprise and a competitor in the crazy 510-model market.


What I Liked


Entry Kit


Tobacco-like Experience

While the entry kits didn’t particularly stand out from the massive crowd of kr808d model e-cigs that are crowding the market, they did have one impressive quality: their likeness to tobacco cigarettes. They are not only almost exactly the same size, but they look just like them and I’m sure that sits well with newer and traditionalist smokers.


Trendy Case

The blue on black case with their logo in the center really represents the futuristic side of e-cig smoking and it’s definitely a conversation starter when you whip it out in public and start puffing (before you get yelled at for smoking because the device looks like a tobacco cigarette).


XL Solo Kit


The Battery Life

The PureCig’s XL model touts that 650 mAH measurement proudly, and they should. The life of this device compared to their Standard Kit is almost three times longer. And it’s not like you’re sacrificing vapor fullness for battery life, the manual switch and double-coil atomizer really packed a punch that surprised me.


Everything Else About the Battery: Lights and Switches

Not only does it last forever, but the PureCig XL has the courtesy to let you know when it needs a quick recharge! The indicator light goes from green to yellow to red as the battery loses charge, preventing you from having to play the guessing game of whether the battery is dead or not. Plus it has that feature that really puts 510 model e-cigs into a class of their own: the manual power switch! The manual control over your puffs is a feature that every veteran e-smoker has come to know and expect from performance devices like this. As if the XL battery weren’t enough power for you to keep going all day, the lock button really gives you control over when your device is using up charge and conserves an already amazing battery life.


E-Cigs: USB Plug and Play?

I love USB passthrough accessories! There’s something special about being able to puff away without being concerned about your battery life. PureCig definitely thought ahead by including this accessory in the XL Solo kit. I’m pretty sure this is the only kit I’ve seen that’s extremely budget-conscious and still manages to include the pass-through. One thing though, the kit doesn’t come with a wall charger so you will have to use your iPhone or iPad USB wall charger and just hook it up to that if you don’t want to hook up to your computer directly.


The Price!

$39.99 for a fully functional 510 model e-cigarette kit is definitely a happy occasion for this reviewer. In terms of battery life to dollars spent ratio, the XL Solo kit is far and away the tops in the industry.


Small Complaints

Just Two Gripes I Have

I was upset to have to throw down almost $70 for quite honestly an average kr808d starter kit, this will definitely drive beginners toward other brands.


No wall charger in the XL Solo kit? It seems like it would have been a small investment to throw in a cheap USB wall adapter bought in bulk from overseas. The kit certainly won’t work well for older smokers who don’t have adapters for iPhones and Kindles sitting around, and aren’t those people the hardcore e-cig users that are supposed to love the performance of this kit in the first place?


Full Rating Overview for PureCigs Brand


Technology, Quality and Design

Standard and Deluxe Starter Kits: 6/10

XL Solo Kit:                                      9/10


The two entry kits are very lifelike, and I definitely enjoyed the tobacco-esque design, but they don’t make any advances or include any new features that challenge the market to improve so those two kits are stuck with a 6.


The XL Solo kit, on the other hand, really keeps up with a crowded field of 3-part e-cigs and gets a 9 here. The device is of utmost quality and that two-coil atomizer reminds me why the 510 model is such a great device.


Battery Life

Standard and Deluxe Starter Kits: 7/10

XL Solo Kit:                                      10/10


The market-leading battery is simply one of the greatest features I’ve come across in my reviews. The indicator light, lock button, internal charger and manual light really challenge the rest of the e-cig field to make e-cigarettes that last longer and have optimum functionality. The XL battery is full of features and always full of charge. If you’re looking for a device that won’t quit on you, the PureCigs XL Solo kit is definitely a nice option.


The two entry kits are tiny machines but they hold their own in battery life. As I used them on the go, I never ran out or felt frustrated by a short battery life so there’s nothing much to say here.


Cartridge Selection

Both: 5/10


While they have some nice-tasting flavors for sale in their store, their cartridges come up short in nicotine strength selection and organization. I myself knew what 1.1% nicotine means when I purchase a cartridge, but for beginner smokers that are trying to find that perfect strength, this will be hard to decipher. And I still don’t understand why they couldn’t manufacture a 0% nicotine strength cartridge for those trying to quit nicotine, they have a device that eases the transition by feeling like tobacco cigarettes but no 0mg strength?? I wonder if PureCigs has a suggestion box…



Both: 8/10


The charging case for the entry kits is really cool, it comes with the Deluxe kit and offers the fashionable design of the PureCigs container with charging power inside. I definitely could get used to a case like theirs. But the real deal-breaker for me for PureCig’s accessories was the USB pass through that comes with the XL kit; the ability to vaporize while your device is charging means that you can literally smoke any time you please.




In the end, I was a happy customer of the PureCigs brand. The XL Solo is going to be in my personal collection from now on and I’ll know that I will never run out of battery in a bad situation. This device is great for any smoker that loves functionality and the innovative features really catapault PureCigs into the contender’s ring for 510 model e-cigs. Even the entry kits were a nice little mini-style reminder of my tobacco smoking days. PureCigs did a good job with these dual kits that serve all types of e-smokers, this reviewer gives them a thumbs up.

Are you keen to stop smoking but are experiencing a hard time in doing so? If yes, then it is high time to look for an e cigarette, an alternative that offers you the same tobacco flavor and nicotine fix but without the injurious smoke that imperils the life of both the smoker and of the ones that are exposed to the secondhand smoke. If this interests you, No 7 E Cigarette deserves to be in your list of worthy e cigs, which shall hardly fail to make you quit your habit in the best possible way.

No 7 E Cigarette Review

No 7 E Cigarette – Reviewing The Basics

The No7 E Cigarette looks just like a traditional cigarette when looked from outside. However, what makes it different than the latter is its internal design. In the interior, the e cig possesses a chamber that holds a cartridge within which nicotine is stored in least quantities in its liquid form. When you start puffing, there is a sensor to detect this action upon which it turns on the heating device (atomizer) that then converts the liquid solution into harmless smoke. Just like in the traditional cigarette, the vapor is emitted but it is totally harmless.

No 7 E Cig Offers

On ordering No 7 e cigarette, you get a choice with regards to the type of kit. There are many starter kits to choose from; of which most come with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 tobacco-flavored cartridges, battery charger, and easy to follow instructions. Each cartridge is equal to 12-15 regular cigarettes. Above all, the best part is that No 7 e cigs offer a test drive in the form of disposable cigarettes for those who are not convinced to switch to e cigs. So, if you are not sure whether e cigs are for you or not, get this disposable e cig that you can throw after usage. In these e cigs, there is a disposable cartridge wherein the liquid is available in menthol and tobacco flavors, which is equal to almost two packs of cigarettes. However, with these cigs do not expect any accessories such as liquids, chargers, and batteries to be included in the starter kits.

No 7 Packaging

The two piece design (cartridge + atomizer and battery) of a No. 7 Starter Kit ensures a classic cig look with the white battery featuring a red lit tip. Expect a plethora of flavors within an attractive decorative box, which range from fruits to traditional tobacco. The look is a bit too classic; but the overall aesthetics are attractive.

No 7 Battery

This is unbelievably excellent! Having withstood the test of time, the battery of a No 7 e cigarette lasts for one full day after an hour long charging. The drag is certainly easy and smooth, but sometimes, it gave a very strange sensation. However, this is quickly remedied after using a new cartomizer. Overall, this cig offers a nice throat hit and great vapor production to ensure that feeling of smoking satisfaction.

No 7 Flavor/Vapor
You can expect a variety of flavors: vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, green apple, menthol, chocolate, and classic tobacco. Take any flavor and you are bound to feel refreshing and cool.


•    More vapor
•    Good throat hit
•    Longer lasting battery and cartridge life
•    Reasonable pricing

no7 E Cigarette New Packaging - Nice Slick Presentation

no7 E Cigarette New Packaging – Nice Slick Presentation

•    Some shipping complaint regarding delay

Vapor Couture- The perfect mix of Chic and Vaping- A review of the very first Electronic Cigarette, that is fashionable enough for women.

Women totally understand that things like hacking up a lung, clothes that smell like smoke, yellow teeth and skin are out. In order to honor such intelligent women who, as the intelligent sex have been much more eager to do away with the cancer causing cigarettes, and switch to e-cigs; on July of 2012 V2 Cigs is going to release a product just for them. V2 Cigs is the main e- cigarette brand on the market today according to Alexa.com, and their new product called Vapor Couture is the most popular thing in the e-cigarette world. V2 Cigs recognizes that over 65% of electronic cigarette users are women, and that is no surprise since women see the great benefit of vaporizing as opposed to smoking harmful tobacco, and that is why so many of them choose the tobacco alternative.


Vapor Couture – Fashionable Electronic Cigarettes for women! from V2 Cigs on Vimeo.


Why Vapor Couture Is All The Rage


Right now the majority of e-cigarettes look the same. That is OK, but at the same time there could be a lot of improvement as far as style and personalization go, and that is were V2 Cigs stands alone, because they are planning to bring those two things to their e-cigs with Vapor Couture. Since V2 Cigs is the industries main company it is big news to hear about their new E-cigarette, because it has never been seen before. Since Vapour Couture is a brand new line of e-cigs just for women e-cig bloggers and the entire e-cig community are very excited about the new product. This new line of electronic cigarettes will still have the same high quality that V2 Cigs is know for, but it will now be taken to an even more fashionable level. Now lets look at how that will come to be.

The Great New Look of Vapor Couture

First E Cig For Fashion Conscious Females – Thin and Chic E Cig Product Design

The new Vapor Couture e-cig is the new version of the classic elegant lady smoking image. This new cigarette reminds one of the times when refined ladies would be elegantly holding their classy long tobacco cigarette in their long cigarette holder. The difference is that Vapor Couture is much more sexy. It is not just your same old e-cigarette in a slimmer shape, but it has an extended battery that gives it a classy, chic look. The slim design of the Vapor Couture line is actually its most outstanding attribute. The diameter of these e-cigarettes is a very small 7.9 mm, and that is much smaller than the majority of e-cigarettes around. The reason the Vapor Couture is much more sexy than the cigarettes of old is because it comes in different colors, it does no have an odor, it does not damage your lungs, and it does not leave yellow stained teeth or skin. Making it a much more healthy and better option, and the best part is that it is much more chic than the white cigarettes of old.

Vapor Couture Offers Colors That Go Along With Fashion Conscious Attire

Most women would love to show off their new Vapor Couture e-cigarette, because not only are they super slim, but they come in an array of four different colors and they are truly elegant and chic. With the new Vapor Couture, there is no longer any reason to have to have to use the plain old white e-cigarettes, now every woman can choose between black, brown, diamond-studded, and chrome colors for their electronic smoking. This awesome array of colors makes Vapor Couture a great asset to any outfit that you will be wearing, and the best part is that it will match anything. Vapor Couture’s wonderful selection of colors along with its slimness makes it the most exciting, colorful e-cigarette on the market.

Vapor Couture: Diamond-Studded E-Cigarette

The beautiful diamond Led tip of V2 Cig’s sexy new e-cigarette adds to its slimness and its awesome colors. This diamond tip makes all of the users of the Vapor Couture elated, because it does not have the boring orange end that lights up when you inhale, but rather a dazzling LED tip. This dazzling LED tip gives off a flashy light when puffed on, adding to the glitz and glamor of V2 Cig’s newest e-cigarettes.

Vapor Couture: Co-Ordinated Cartomizers!

V2 Cigs has made it a practice to offer matching cartridges and batteries. This is still the case with their new Vapor Couture e-cigarettes. In the past e-cigarettes have had the big problem of having issues trying to make sure that the battery colors coordinates with the flavor cartridges; because the flavor cartridges usually are just black or white and they end up not coordinating with the battery. V2 Cigs has been able to avoid all that hassle with the difference in colors,and they offer a chic sleek cigarette right from the cartridge down to the battery.

Cartridges For Vapor Couture: Since the V2 Cigs Vapor Couture is for the fashion Diva, it, of course offers trendy accessories. Going far beyond the look and the touch of the new Vapor Couture e-cigarettes, they also come equip with awesome accessories and cartridges. V2 Cigs has also premiered a very exciting new group of wonderful flavors to go along with its new e-cigarettes. There are super cool accessories that you can get with every Vapor Couture started kit, and apart from that you can try many of the new flavors that V2 Cigs offers.

VC Flavor Cartridges: To go along with V2 Cig’s new revolutionary e-cigarettes, they also have come up with an amazing alternative to offer women that is far different from the regular e-cigs that you find on the market. They have five new awesome flavors! The following is a list of those flavors (keep in mind this is all based on preliminary research and our best insider info 🙂 but details may shift between now and the official launch of Vapor Couture next month!
Expected Vapor Couture Cartridge Flavors Available At Launch

  1. Strawberry Champagne
  2. Passion Fruit
  3. Bombshell (Tobacco, Rich)
  4. Arctic Mint (Menthol)
  5. Rodeo Drive (Tobacco, Mild)

All of the V2 Cigs cartridge flavors will be in the same color as the battery chosen. I have had experience with V2 Cigs and their flavors and the fruit flavors sound wonderful. So it is to be expected that Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne are going to be must tries. I have always really liked V2 Cig’s flavored tobacco, they are flavorful and traditional.

Accessorize With Stylish E Cig Accessories Any Fashionista Would Be Proud Of:

Even though V2 Cigs has not released an entire list of all of their accessories, from the photos that have been released, it seems like they are going to have a small case in the style of a purse. That elegance in accessories is to be expected from a line that is aimed at given women a chic product. With the new purse, there is not a need to carry around the big bulging case that most e-cigs come with, it does not have to go in your pocket. This feminine purse is perfect for using e-cigs on the go. It is to be assumed that there will be more accessories offered for the Vapour Couture when it makes its public debut on July,1,2012. Be Sure to keep an eye out and to bookmark the site so that you can get the latest news on Vapor Couture, and above all so that you can get the coupons that will be offered upon its release.

Vapor Couture: A V2 Cigs Product

Vapor Couture By V2 Cigs Pre-Review To go beyond the style and design of the V2 Cigs’, soon to be coming Vapor Couture line, It actually has top of the art performance and technology. The Vapour Couture has a long battery time, and produces more vapor, and overall is considered to be the best product on the market today. The elegance and style of a product alone does not make it an exceptional product, but as far as the Vapor Couture goes, there is no need for worry, because behind the elegance of the product it also have very powerful technology, and you can be sure of that because it is the same technology that V2 Cigs has always used with their products. For its style and technology alone, Vapour Couture is an e-cigarette that is highly anticipated.

Make sure to keep up to day on our website and to book mark us. The reason is because we will give you all the latest information about the new Vapor Couture line and we will even have a coupon code for you when it is first released !

Eversmoke Bursts onto the E-Cig Scene — Our Review of the EverSmoke E Cigarette

eversmoke e cig reviewThe conclusion of 2011 brought us a totally new brand of electronic cigarette, a brand that is showing progress in the industry with its latest technologies, overall quality and top ratings across the board: introducing Eversmoke. If you have been paying any attention to e-cigs, you have probably heard of this brand. After checking out the original reviews and rumors claiming that Eversmoke offers one of the fullest vapors ever experienced from the kr808d-1 e-cig model, I ordered the Basic Starter Kit for $59.99 and have been running tests for a few weeks, well, actually it did not take me that long; I have just kept on using it anyway.

I have assembled my review of the Eversmoke brand for you to check out at your leisure.

Quick Specs and Overview of the EverSmoke E Cigarette

Eversmoke’s devices all are what is known as the ‘U9’ or sometimes ‘v9’ ecig models (occasionally though incorrectly referred to as the kr808d-2); the u9 ecig spec, like the kr808d-1, is basically the status quo for quality (though like the kr808d-1 the u9 is just a ‘spec’ – so unlike something like joyetech’s ego or 510 which are brand name dependent different brands that use either of these two most popular specifications have their own unique manufacturing and tweaks, – simply put not all U( e-cigs are created equal!)… other brands using the same U9 spec standard include GreenSmoke, the eSmoke Sensation and South Beach Smoke…. but EverSmoke has improved things pretty significantly and in a side by side comparison performs much better than GreenSmoke and eSmoke and is on par with the new South Beach Smoke Deluxe in my opinion.

Sorry if that’s more technical detail than you need! But more simply but, bottom line is that this lets the consumer know that the model is two pieces with the battery being separate from the cartridge or atomizer. After an e-cig breakthrough over the 3-piece model, the 2 piece model is the standard.

There are several different Eversmoke kits: Ultimate Plus for $154.99, the Ultimate for $109.99, the Premium for $79.99, and the Basic one for $59.99. The more expensive kits give you more accessories and more features. Find additional information online at the Eversmoke site. As previously mentioned, I bought the Basic Starter Kit, complete with the standard-size battery (your choice of color and manual/automatic switch), a USB charger, a wall charger and 5 cartridges in the strength and flavor of your choosing.

The best aspects of the cig are the strong taste of the vapor. People have raved about Eversmoke’s vapor system. All of their products now include the new atomizer technology known as VaporMax, according to a spokesperson for the company. It is the driving force and singular reason for the amazingly potent throat hit power and rich vapor that characterizes this brand. I can testify that VaporMax® is absolutely not a scammy advertising gimmick, this device can truly generate some smooth, rich vapor.

Battery Alternatives for Automatic or Manual Power!

This brand provides alternatives for those novice smokers out there, but it does not leave out the seasoned e-cig users in the process. With your order of a starter kit or just the device, you have the option of selecting manual or automated versions. When you select automatic power, it will go on as you inhale but go into the battery conservation mode when you don’t. That is good for battery life and novice e-cig users who wish to avoid the nuisance of a manual switch. Alternatively, the manual switch lets the user create vapor with the push of a button, making a fuller vapor at the expense of battery life. Actually, I discovered that the automatic switch offered full enough throat hits without wasting the battery by using the manual option, but I am on the go all the time and this is my personal preference. The manual vapor generator really delivers a sweeter, deeper throat hit for the vapor aficionados out there. Either choice has its advantages and disadvantages, so it all comes back to what your preference is when you smoke an e cigarette.

Two chargers with each kit:

Eversmoke always provides a computer charger alongside the traditional outlet charger. This is really fantastic for all those folks who are hooked on their laptops. I wound up using this charger frequently while working on-the-go; those public electrical outlets are never around when you need one, so merely pop your battery into your computer. So convenient!

A Choice of Designs

Each of the Eversmoke kits allows you to choose the color of your e-cig. I discovered that this was an excellent customization in terms of use, as e-cig smokers place significant value on the color of the battery. You can get white, black, or stainless steel from them. That’s wonderful because you can choose traditional white when you hope to recreate the way a regular cigarette looks and feels. But, if you wish to avoid the nasty looks and scolding from uninformed anti-smoking passers-by, the black option will not be confused for a tobacco cigarette. I really liked the stainless steel battery, it has a sort of “new-age” feel and it never caused me any trouble using it out in public.

Coupons and Price

Eversmoke presents its Basic Starter Kit, complete with the USB charger, for the market average of $59.99, but this is actually a bargain when you factor in how there product is high above the market average in technology and quality. Use our coupon to get 10% the purchase of an Eversmoke starter kit from the company’s website. Go to the sidebar and locate the coupon code, making note of it as our thank you to you for reading the reviews and sharing the things we appreciate.

Our Rating Breakdown of the Eversmoke Brand

Quality and Technology is: 10/10

VaporMax® is the wave of the future. This small device packs a hit that I’ve rarely seen in other products like it. Eversmoke should continue to do things in their lab the exact same way they are right now, because it provides powerful throat hits and a vapor that is smooth and strong. Plus, you’ll notice the quality of this device as you use it and find that it’s completely different from those flimsy things you buy as e cigarettes at gas stations.

Appearance/Design: 9/10

Although Eversmoke might not match the sleekness or colorful array of batteries that some of the trendier brands have, it does not leave much to be desired and totally makes up for it with technology and overall quality. All three colors are nice looking, whether you are aiming for the classic cigarette look in white or the modern sleek look of stainless steel or black. That tip, known as the “crystal tip” lights up orange, which might be an issue if it looks as if you are smoking indoors, but other than that it is perfectly acceptable.

The battery is one of the better ones on the market. I discovered that the Standard battery, included with the Basic Starter Kit, had around 300 puffs in it, although yours might be different than mine, so it is difficult to say for certain. It recharges nicely, fast and completely. There was a point at which I started to recharge it after it had been used a while just assuming I’d need to but found that it didn’t need it and was ready to go!

Flavors/Strengths: 8/10

This brand utilizes basic nicotine strength variation, with choices of full flavored with 18mg, light with 12mg, ultra-light with 6mg and zero nicotine. You’re going to need to do some testing to see what works best for you when you are a beginner.

The Eversmoke favors are great, even though their selection is smaller than many competing brands. They have a variety of flavors, such as tobacco, peppermint, coffee, cherry, vanilla, and menthol. I sampled their Classic Tobacco and Cherry Crush and these were both full-flavored and aided by the smooth vapor coming from the device. Many reviews compliment their flavor quality, too.

Price/Accessories: 10/10

The Basic Starter kit has everything a novice requires and the price is less than $60. Sixty dollars is the industry norm for a starter kit, but this device has such quality it’s worth the price. We offer a coupon that gives you 10% off your purchase of any Eversmoke product.

The Last Word: If you’re going to buy a starter kit, I’d certainly put Eversmoke in the top three. VaporMax® is truly something special, it could revolutionize the portable e-cigarette market, also I will say that the total quality and feel of this latest device ought to set an example for all the other inferior e-cig brands out there; Eversmoke is in the top level of brands. Besides all of that, their batteries are state of the art, and the customizable options and lifespan are everything you would want. The Eversmoke website has a wide range of accessories for your e-cigs, such as travel cases.

Eversmoke strikes the perfect balance by promoting their product without making false or exaggerated claims.

Peruse their web site; should you want to buy a starter kit, remember that we can give you a ten percent discount coupon right here.

V2 Cigs Full Review


V2 Cigs ReviewV2 Cigs is currently the quickest expanding electronic cigarette firm in the world. They offer low prices, cutting edge technology, high quality and great customer service; all of which combine to make them a universally recognized industry name. One can say that a business is the leader in its field, but that only means something if it’s been proven true. V2 Cigs are rated the top company for such products by the online leader in statistics, Alexa.com. What is the reason for the extreme popularity of V2Cigs? They provide everything that a person would ever want, to stop smoking and enjoy the finer life of vaporizing with electronic cigarettes, and all of this for very affordable prices.

They offer wonderful e-cigarette starter kits, many refillable nicotine cartridges with different flavors, and their own e-liquids. In more recent events, they introduced their great new improvements including a super-charged battery that boasts 4.2 volts, making it the strongest of any e-cig.

But the renown of the brand advances even farther than their new updates, excellent quality products and costs. Should you want more proof of the success of this brand, just take a look at how they’ve partnered with UPS. Electronic Cigarette customers have had to wait for long periods of time and deal with slow shipping, since the United States Postal Service (USPS) was the only carrier that did shipping on these. UPS – the world’s largest shipping company asked to partner with V2 Cigs because of the company’s great reputation. We will delve further into V2’s customer service later on, but right now, let us have a peek at V2’s amazing line of electronic smoking products.

An Overview of the V2 E-Cigarettes

Just exactly what is it that makes V2 Cigarettes stand out from the rest? It is V2’s electronic cigarettes, naturally. When you decide whether or not an e-cig company is good, you should look at the level of technology and quality in the products and the value and contents of the starter kits. I am about to illustrate the components of these E-Cigs that make them so popular.

The V2 Battery

The battery is the foundation of electronic cigarettes, and V2’s is the best. Recently, they showed off their new batteries, and this was big news. At 4.2 volts, they provide more power than any other miniature electronic cigarettes out there. The batteries in these are the minis, a model known as kr808d, which is the most often used mini e-cig battery today. But all kr808d batteries are not created equal. You can feel the V2 difference thanks to the soft, cool matte finish. Most e-cigs have a hard, metallic finish. They look cooler and have a very high class of mini battery thanks to the new improvements.

The most frustrating thing about mini e-cigs is that the charges don’t last very long and they aren’t easy to re-charge on the go. However V2’s new super-powered batteries have a longer duration than any other e-cigs. And if that is not sufficient reason, since they are longer lasting, they also generate more vapor. Other batteries will begin to falter near the end of the charge and make weak vapor before they die. However, the V2 4.2 volt batteries last longer, and make bigger vapor clouds that linger more.

So Many Choices

These are not only high performance, V2 Cigs presents an assortment of styles and lengths on batteries. There are 3 battery sizes to choose from: Shorty = 100mm; Standard = 110mm; Long = 104mm. And all of those sizes give you the option of manual or automatic operation. Whereas automatic batteries produce vapor when you inhale, manual batteries need a button to be depressed while you are inhaling. It just boils down to what you like, it is believed that manual batteries generate more vapor with every hit, but with automatic, it is a lot more convenient. Many brands don’t give you a choice of manual or automatic batteries in starter kits. I like it that V2 Cigs offers that choice. The cost for single batteries runs from $20 for the shorty to just $30 for the long boy. Those are among the cheapest prices you will find, and when you factor in the V2 quality, it is a real bargain.

V2 Cigs, like all the others, sell you nicotine cartridges, also known as prefilled cartomizers in the industry. V2 Cigs is like no other e cig company because they offer excellent cartomizers in a nice selection of flavors at a price that is lower than most other brands.

A Fantastic Line of Flavors

V2 Cigs might not have the biggest assortment of flavors, but there are other things that are important in this business. There are brands that boast lots of flavors, but when you try them you find out they aren’t very tasty. Although V2 Cigs doesn’t offer lots of flavors, the company does offer excellent flavors. V2 has three flavor types: Rich tobacco, cool menthol, and the special flavor types. I have created a little diagram to show which flavors belong in what group. Following that, I’ll review the flavors I tried so you might be able to get an idea which of them you’d like to try for yourself.

They don’t have a lot of flavors, but the ones they have are great. Choose from: Rich Tobacco Flavors – V2 Red, Sahara and Congress; Cool Menthol Flavors – Menthol and Peppermint; Specialty Flavors – Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, V2 Cola and Vanilla. However, it is a good list and it is not likely that you will need a bigger variety than the ones listed. Anybody interested in vaping will find something great here. I have personally found that the special flavors such as vanilla are more enjoyable for me than the tobacco and menthol ones. I enjoy being able to change things up and try some of the different flavors, such as Vanilla or Cherry. Here are the V2 Flavors I tried: V2 Red, V2 Cola, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry. I liked all of the flavors since I like the whole process of using the V2 brand e-cigs — however I really especially loved the V2 Cola (haven’t seen this offered by another brand) and the vanilla and the cherry. All of them had a discernible flavor and they tasted great.

Comparison of V2 Prices and Other E-Cig Brand Prices

V2 reports an average price of $1.69 for each cartridge. On the website, there is a comparison chart that illustrates how their per-cartridge cost is a lot cheaper than any of the other brands sold. If you are seeking price details, read below for a helpful guide. Here is the price breakdown for flavored nicotine cartridges. Get the best deal with 100 for $225! Other prices are: 80 for $129.95; 40 for $66.47; 20 for $44.95; 5 for $12.95. The prices are really amazing, especially when you take the very high quality of the product into consideration. Right now they are offering a special called “Passion Fruit” flavor special edition which is available in a 5 pack for just $9.95.

If you are pressed for time or you do not want to fool around with the messy hassle of refilling your own, prefilled nicotine cartridges are a smart choice. Moreover, it frequently seems that the flavor tastes a tad better when you bypass the task of refilling the cartridge yourself. However, that is only me. On the other hand, if you are wanting to take the E-Liquid route, V2 Cigs has just what you need with the recently released line of e-liquids. Refilling with e-liquid is an excellent method of saving money and creates some new choices for your e-smoking lifestyle.

You can save money with V2’s all new e-liquid line. Most companies don’t offer this option. This lets you know that the company is interested in customer satisfaction, as opposed to only being interested in profits. They have bottles of e-liquid, 10 mL for $10, and they offer you the choice of refilling your cartridges, rather than having to buy the more costly prefilled ones. There are e cig brands who put hard caps on their prefilled cartridges that prevent customers from being able to use their own e liquid to refill. Then they have to buy more expensive prefilled cartridges. It is a custom that V2 overcomes with their soft cartridge tops and even their own collection of e-liquid. There are many things to enjoy in V2’s line of e-liquids, from the quality of the vapor to the flavor choices to the throat hit to the low prices.

How come the e-liquid in V2 is so special?

V2 Cigs now presents their e-liquids in four flavors–V2 Peppermint, Red, Menthol and Sahara. All flavors are available in strengths ranging from 0mg nicotine to 18 mg. FYI: With e liquids, you can fill blank (empty) cartridges or refill cartridges you have already used a time or two with the V2 flavors of your choice. You just drip the e-liquid into the end of the cartridge, with V2s simple drip bottles, everything is made easier due to the design. Another interesting choice it gives you is that you will be able to mix and match flavors. For example if you have been using the vanilla flavor, you could drip a little of the peppermint liquid into it, crafting an all-new vanilla/peppermint combo!

Aside from the basics of what usually makes e-liquid good, V2 has additional benefits to the usual e-liquids. To begin with, their bottles are offered at a greatly discounted rate. For just $10 you will get a 10mL bottle, and the larger 20mL bottles are just $18.95. That means 10 mL of e-liquid refills 10 cartridges (occasionally I even lengthened it to 15!)-that is just $1 per refill. Large savings over purchasing prefilled cartons.

V2 is breaking ground with e liquid by submitting it to batch testing. In the past, it has been hard to trace the origins and contents of e liquid. Frequently, it is produced overseas where there is little or no quality control or oversight. Sometimes, vials of e liquids aren’t even labeled as to nicotine content, much less ingredient info. As the chief ingredient in nicotine e-liquid, Propylene Glycol, is difficult to regulate, it is a major issue in the use of it. However, V2 Cigs has a number on every one, so you can log onto their website and do a “batch check” to find out what batch your e-liquid came from. This is miles beyond the kind of regulation there was previously, and it provides a solution to the possible dangers surrounding e-liquid.

Just beginning?

Look at the V2 Starter Kits The starter kits are the showcase item for any e-cig company. You can judge the quality of an e cig company by the pricing and quality of the starter kits it offers. There are companies that just make a bulk buy of chargers, cartomizers/cartridges and batteries from overseas. They parcel them out into packages and sell them as starter kits with very high profits. The majority of the currently available starter kits are exactly the same item, the difference being only the brand logo shown on the box. However, V2 Cigs is a brand all its own. V2 Cigs products are made in the USA to exacting standards of high quality and style that set the pace in the e cig industry today.

Now, let us take a look at some details about V2’s starter kit line. Basic e-cig technology consists of: E-liquid, cartridge and battery. Naturally, that is where V2 Cigs starts. The most basic type starter kit includes a charger, battery and some cartridges. However, V2 does this combination nicely by presenting a variety of starter kit alternatives while still keeping their excellent core e-cigarette technologies. As I said, these batteries have a really nice matte finish that makes V2 Cigs brand stand out in the crowd. The V2 finish is comfortable to hold and really special. Besides being flavorful, their cartridges boast a a low-resistance style which provides ease of inhalation. The point I am trying to make is that if you buy a V2 starter kit, you are on the right track. You will be getting an excellent electronic cigarette from a first-rate brand providing great flavors. Though V2 is not just about quality, it is about variety.

When I first began e smoking, I encountered V2Cigs.com. I really liked the variety and quality offered there. No matter what your budget, you can get a starter kit for anywhere between $29.95 and $189.95. All of the starter kits come with the basic electronic cigarette, but some have cool accessories, like a car charger or a portable charging case. The more costly ones contain more flavor cartridges, extra batteries, etc. I have created a brief guide listing each of their starter kits – I’ll give the cost, plus my little review of the kit, and tell you what’s included inside of it.

Less than $30 — Well Made Kits for Less: Budget Express Kit ($29.95)

The V2 Budget Express Kit is, put simply, the least expensive starter kit that you can possibly find today. And when I talk about it being the cheapest, I’m not talking about it’s quality but only about its price. This is a bare bones kit without extravagant extras. There is 1 USB charger, one battery and one flavor cartridge included. Clearly the best thing is that it’s inexpensive and when you are ready to upgrade, you can just add on. But it is also good since the only thing you have to do is order some more flavor cartridges when your first ones run out. You will get a top notch V2 e-cigarette and a charger for just $30. You can’t beat a deal like that! If you order this kit, remember to order a 5 pack of flavor cartridges. A single flavor cartridge lasts for a while, but when it is empty, you have to wait for more to be mailed out.

Another great V2 kit that costs less than $30 is the V2 Notebook cig at $29.95. This kit differs from the Express Kit slightly and is very nice. What you will have is a USB electronic cigarette, and it is totally powered by your computer. The great thing about this style of e cig is that it never runs down and always produces excellent and copious vapor. The cons are that you are unable to have it with you as you go about your day, unless you plan to bring your laptop with you, which some may find amusing. But, in the end, it is not practical in terms of portability. However, unlike the Express Kit, you have a full 5-pack of flavor cartridges, and you can select any of V2’s flavor options. This is a good option for people who are on the computer a lot of the time. I’ve always really liked USB pass-through e cigs. If you want to, you can add a standard e cig later to have more portability. You can get a V2 battery for as little as $19.95.

Completely Stocked V2 Starter Kit

If you can spend a little bit more cash on a starter kit, you will really appreciate the totally stocked starter kits. If you have a very limited budget, this is a good way to start, but you will eventually need to add the supplies that are included in the other V2 Kits. I have reviewed the Economy Kit and the Ultimate Kit. These are the lowest and highest priced kits respectively. There are three kits in between which I have not reviewed. The other kits are similar with some variety in cartomizers, chargers and accessories. Take a look at V2 Cig’s website to find out more details about any of these kits.

The V2 Economy Kit is the best basic starting kit around at only $59.95. The price is pretty much the same as kits offered by other brands, but the contents and quality far surpass all others. And V2 does not fail-they have the Economy Kit at near the market average for entry kits, but after you consider the V2 quality and customer service, you will not find any better deal. The Economy kit includes a ten-pack of flavor cartridges, one battery, one USB charger, and one wall charger. Just great for you if you’re just starting to e-smoke.

The very best starter kit is the V2 Ultimate at $189.95. This may seem like a high price, but just compare it to tobacco cigarettes. That price will get you 24 packs that won’t last very long. The V2 Ultimate Starter kit is a high quality piece of equipment that will last you a long, long time. The Ultimate Kit is simply awesome. It is pricey, but it is still a good value when you factor in all of the great options and accessories that it comes with. Here’s what you get: 3 batteries in your choice of length and style; 25 flavored nicotine cartridges (in 5 packs) in your choices of flavors and nicotine strengths; a carrying case, a portable charging case, a V2 charger and a V2 Power Cig that is completely USB powered. You’ll be able to tell that their kit is amazing and a great investment for what you spend on it.

V2 Ultimate Customer Relations

I think you can probably determine by now that I have chosen V2 as the best of all the e-cigs I have tried. Since I begun e-smoking, they have been my favorite brand and I have tried every one of their kits as well as each of their flavors. They are tops in the industry and the quickest growing brand. But one of the best things is that a company this huge has such incredible customer service. Traditionally, other e-cig companies have always had really poor customer service. There is either no one available, the website is not functioning properly or, the worst case scenario, the shipments are delayed or lost.

V2 Cigs has a fantastic website, 24-hour customer service, and their recent partnership with UPS. That really means your concerns will always be dealt with courteously, and you’ll love shopping the website because your order will come in a timely manner. So, V2 Cigs far surpass the others with their quality products and excellent customer service.

Have you experienced the Volcano Electronic Cigarette? One of the most recent innovators in electronic cigarettes, more and more of our readers have asked us to review the Volcano brand. In this article we’ll compare the offerings from Volcano with other products on the market. They have a wide array of starter packs, e-liquids, disposable products and they have just announced the new LavaTube. So let’s cut to the chase and see how they stack up.


Part 1: Volcano Brand Starting Kits


Part 2: Volcano’s Innovative Lava-Tube E-Cigarette


Part 3: Volcano’s Product Array


Volcano Brand Starting Kits

Our team of reviewers thoroughly tested each of Volcano’s three starter kits and compared them to similar offerings on the market. When we research a new product, we look at three main categories. In our tests we have found these to be the most important factors in choosing an e-cigarette purchase.


Volcano got top marks for its consistent vapor quality, and its battery life was one of the best on the market. We were especially impressed with the “Inferno” model – at the size of a permanent sharpie pen, it’s a little bit larger than a typical cigarette, but its extra size is more than worth the reliable vapor you can get out of it! However, we know that some users prefer the inconspicuous portability of the Magma and the Volcano units. Each model has its own starter pack to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. These models offer the same quality as the “Inferno” at a more convenient, smaller size. What could be better than choosing your own style with three reliable, high quality options?


After weeks of thorough and extensive testing, we decided the Volcano brand vaporizers offer the most bang for your buck. Whether you choose the Inferno, Magma or Volcano, or if you’re looking for drip-tip configurations or the reliable 510 tanks, customizable or simple, convenient or long-lasting batteries, we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with the Volcano product line.


Inferno e-Cig with Starter Kit


The “Inferno” is worthy of its title. Just a bit wider than a Sharpie pen, you’ll notice it’s not your typical tobacco cigarette, but with this model that’s precisely the point! The Inferno delivers consistent, high-quality vapor production after weeks of regular use, hours of battery life, and a customizable interface. Need a drip-tip setup? No problem. Prefer the 510 tank setup? With Volcano’s cartomizer design, it’s easy. And at only $15 extra, it’s affordable, too. We tested both of the units (drip-tip and 510) and found the latter offered a longer, smoother vapor.


The “Inferno” e-Cigarette Starter Kit costs $75 and arrives with a newly engineered 650mAH USB battery. The package also includes a reliable 1000mAH Ultra INFERNO battery, with a very convenient portable USB charger (with a conveniently placed power switch), a wall-charger, a mini-USB cable that fits easily in your pocket, a stylish carrying case and 15mL of Volcano’s V-Liquid. And did we mention you can choose among 29 delicious flavors?


You’ll have two choices of packages. Those who select the “Drip Kit” package will be thrilled to receive a MAGMA atomizer, which creates the highest quality vapor around. They’ll also get a brilliant anodized aluminum tip and two stylish atomizer cones for easy replacement. Those who opt for the Tank Kit package will receive one INFERNO tank and five empty tanks that can be easily refilled with one of Volcano’s 29 tasty flavors.


Consistent, Quality Vapor Production

We were blown away when we first tried out Volcano’s INFERNO. This model produced huge white clouds of delicious vapor that as satisfyingly potent as they were easy on the throat. We found that the smaller, “trendier” models don’t quite deliver the punch we’ve come to expect from the INFERNO. When configured with the classic “drip tip” cart, the INFERNO delivers a rich vapor that will never disappoint. But the tank set-up is what we liked the best. We like to put our worries aside and get a cartomizer that won’t die. It’s well worth the extra price.


Extended Battery Life

When you purchase an Inferno e-Cigarette, you’ll have to choose one of two types of batteries. The awesome 650 mAH battery plugs in to your USB port and can be recharged straight from your computer, but if you don’t need that functionality then you’ll be just as happy with the Ultra 1000 mAH battery. It’s not a bad choice either. When we tested both, we ended up preferring the USB style. It’s great for vaporizing on-the-go because you never have to rely on a wall socket charger. And you can even use it while it’s charging!


The Ultra Inferno battery, when configued with the 1000mAH battery, lasted us for two days with charge to spare. No other starter model could match the long-lasting battery charge of the AMAZING 1000mAH battery. If you’re worried about your battery dying on you while you’re on the go, the Inferno Starting Kit is just what you’re looking for. It even surpassed the 510-style tanks which many reviewers have praised for lasting three days on a single charge.


Sleek, Stylish Appearance

If we had to pick a downside to the Inferno e-Cigarette – which isn’t easy, by the way — it would be its larger-than-most size. When connected to a 1000mAH Super Battery, it reaches just over five and a half inches in length with the “drip tip” option or six inches with the 510 tank setup. It’s about the size of a large permanent marker. But we would strongly recommend you don’t get put off by its larger size. Veteran e-smokers agree: the INFERNO model offers outstanding vapor with quality that just can’t be beat.


Besides its larger shape, our favorite INFERNO e-Cigarette leads the pack with its slick functionality and stylish appearance. Its sleek black color doesn’t shy away from its new age of technology. Batteries are your choice of either red or silver, so you get to pick a style that works for you, and looks pretty cool too. We were very impressed with the modern, futuristic appearance of the Inferno model.


Outstanding Quality at an Affordable Price

At an affordable $74.99, the INFERNO Starting Kit from Volcano is the best bang for your buck you’ll find at any e-Cigarette store. Its packaged Ultra 1000mAH battery (our reviewer’s favorite) will last you for days between each charge. In addition you’ll get the handy USB mini-charger, USB charger and battery for easy use with your portable computer. But there’s nothing to worry about if you’re traveling without a laptop. The kit comes with a wall charger too!


As if that wasn’t enough, Volcano includes 15mL of exquisitely flavored V-Liquid with every startup pack. For only $15 more you get your choice of drip-tip or tank cartomizer. Out of all the packages we tested, the Volcano INFERNO model stood out as one of the all-time best values we’ve ever reviewed in our e-smoking career.


MAGMA e-Cig w/ Starting Kit

The “Magma” model comes with a choice of either one cart or a complete tank setup. When our reviewers juxtaposed it with the INFERNO, its battery life is a bit shorter, but this is easily compensated for by its automatically charging battery. Ultimately, its “mid-size” design carries the perfect blend of style and portability. The Magma is just a hair wider than your typical 100-style cigarette and measures in at just under four and a half inches at 4.4” long with your choice of drip tip or 510 tank. At the same great value as the Infero at $74.99, you can’t go wrong with either model.


Both of the excellent MAGMA e-Cigarette Starting Kits come with everything you need for a satisfactory experience: 2 M-batteries, an M-Pack for portable charing, a wall plug-in charger, one very convenient USB charger, a miniature USB cable that fits in your pocket, and 15mL of your favorite flavor of V-Liquid. The Magma atomizer that arrives packaged with the drip-kit configuration and a sturdy anodized, shiny aluminum drip tip that won’t break if you drop it. The tank setup also contains a Magma tank and five empty tanks.


You may be wondering, which is better: the Magma or Inferno unit? First, we’ll look at the batteries: The Magma comes with your choice of either two automatic (best for convenience on the go) or manual batteries (for home charging) instead of the 1000mAH or USB batteries. It also includes a stylish charging case to charge your batteries with a convenient digital display. Simply look at the display to see your batteries’ charging progress. If you’re looking for something in the middle, the Magma is just what you’re looking for. It has an extended battery life with more than enough choice without the formidable size and super power of the favored INFERNO. If you’re new to e-smoking, try the Magma. We recommend getting both the drip-tip extension and tank to enjoy the extra long battery life that comes with it.


High Quality Vapor Production

In our tests, we found that the Magma wasn’t quite as intense as our favorite Inferno unit, but we were far from disappointed. It proved to match the style and sleekness of a time-favored “100” style tobacco cig with no loss in vapor quality. Just like the Inferno, its awesome drip tip has an incredibly smooth draw that will leave you enjoying that satisfying vapor. The MAGMA unit is what you want for a small, portable e-cig with the option to expand with a tank. According to Volcano, the Magma has these features to thank for its enormous popularity.


Vapor When You Need It

Most smokers hesitate to switch to an e-cigarette for the simple reason that it runs on batteries. They fear it will die on them when they need it the most. Well, with the MAGMA you will never have to worry. It lacks the 1000mAH Super Battery that comes with the INFERNO, but its M-Case will NEVER let you down! Its digital display makes battery charging a piece of cake and it works flawlessly. This is one of the features that most impressed us about the Magma’s M-Case. It looks slick on the go and you can carry your batteries as they charge. With your option of automatic or manual, you’ll be enjoying your new e-Cigarette on errands or trips without fear of it dying.


Sleek Appearance

If you’re looking for a sexy e-Cigarette, we highly recommend the MAGMA. Its appearance is discrete and stylish, and it looks just like a “100” style tobacco cigarette. For the ultimate in style and portability, this model always gives you the best vapor! The Volcano brand really blows away the competition with this model’s red light-up LED tip. It matches the model’s sleek black design and trendy style. With its perfect design, cigarette-like size, and configurability, you’ll never regret purchasing the Volcano MAGMA.


The Most Bang for Your Buck

If you don’t take away anything else from our review, remember the super value of the Volcano MAGMA. Other devices twice the price on the internet don’t compare to the quality of this device. With its price matching the Volcano INFERNO, e-smokers everywhere get to choose between two great models at a price that can’t be beat. The awesome M-Case, three different chargers, manual and automatic battery options are MORE than worth the price of $74.99. No other manufacturer comes close to offering this value at such a low price.


Again, please let me reiterate how impressed we were with the Magma Starting Kit. It’s simply the best values you’ll ever find. You WILL NOT get this much customizability, endurance and quality without breaking your bank account with another brand.


Volcano e-Cigarette Starting Kit

The famous Volcano e-Cigarette got its reputation from its style and quality at an unbeatable price. Otherwise known as the “Vocano eCig,” it uses the new kr808d-1 battery design, but lacks the tank option of other Volcano models. If you’re new to e-smoking, I would recommend the Volcano e-Cig. It’s almost impossible to mess up, so it’s a good choice for those just switching over from real tobacco, and with Volcano’s quality design (gorgeous 3.46” c-Cigarette) you won’t regret your stylish and affordable purchase. You will never be disappointed with Volcano’s innovative ultra-miniature stand-in for real cigarettes.


When you buy the Volcano Starting Kit, you’ll get enough batteries, chargers and replacement tips to keep you happy for years. You get to choose the strength you want and flavor that you like best! For a rugged, stylish and high quality vapor experience, beginners everywhere will enjoy any Volcano brand model. If you’re an e-smoking “newbie,” you’ll hardly notice the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes to these high quality Volcano devices.


The Best Vapor Quality?

You’re probably thinking, “An e-Cigarette as small as the Volcano e-Cig can’t match the quality of the other, larger models.” Well I’m please to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong! Our extensive three-week review of the Volcano proved the kr808d unit was one of the best products on the e-Cig market. It passed on the gimmicky “bottom-lying cartomizer coil” that rip-off brands try to sell to deliver the exact same billowing clouds of tasty vapor at a much lower price. Again, you will never be disappointed with Volcano e-cigs. When we tested the Volcano and compared it to other leading competitors, the Volcano always won the “smoothest draw” contest. When it comes to quality vapor, it actually SURPASSED some of the more expensive brands in the market. GET A VOLCANO E-CIGARETTE!


Enduring Battery Life

Of course if you want to maximize your battery life, you’ll want the Inferno unit (or the Magma if you want style too), but the Volcano e-Cigarette’s miniature style is easily worth the slight loss of battery life. It’s just a trade-off of battery life for style – something that veteran and new e-Cig users will always appreciate alike. We were very, very impressed with Volcano’s innovative approach to the e-Cigarette. The innovative V-Battery holds its own against more expensive competitors with a style that is the best around. In our tests, the battery always held out when we needed it and it never died before we expected. In fact, several of our testers reported that it lasted twice as long as they expected!


If you’re looking for a quality, stylish and afforable e-Cigarette, look no further than the Volcano e-Cig. It’s simply the best model out there. The V-Pack that accompanies the Volcano Starter Kit is the best freebie you can expect. If a battery doesn’t last a whole day, your portable personal V-Pack charger will be there to help you out.


Stylish Appearance

Out of all the models of e-cigs we’ve tested, the Volcano e-Cigarette was simply the most elegant design we’d ever seen. It’s convenient charging case, glowing red LED light, miniature design and battery color choice of black or white make the most impressive eye candy you could look at. Even though it’s trendy and “futuristic,” it has an attitude of dignity and style. It lacks the “alien” feel of other brands and is always a great way to start a conversation when we tested it in coffee shops, bars and even restaurants.


Unbeatable Price

When we compared the Volcano Starting Kit to other brands on the market, we were blown away by its unbeatable price. Don’t forget about our 10% discount coupon to get this $64.99 device for only $58.49. You will simply not find that value anywhere else. None of our reviewers had ever found anything like the V-Packs awesome functionality at this price. Factoring in the Volcano’s plumes of delicious high quality vapor, you’ll know the difference. With so many flavor options to choose from and Volcano’s reliable and smooth vapor, it’s a wonder more e-smokers don’t choose the Volcano Starting Kit.


The Innovative LavaTube from Volcano


When Volcano came out with its new LavaTube model, we couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s quite different from many of the two-part cigs you’ve probably seen elsewhere. The Volcano LavaTube allows its user to select the wattage that’s right for your choice of vapor blend. This is how Volcano offers the most customizable vapor experience that beginners and experienced users alike will appreciate. If you crave huge plumes of tasty vapor that will blow you away, you can set it to 6 watts. If you’re out walking up to the store and wanting to be more discrete – or simply enjoy a smooth, easy draw of vapor – just set the device to a more traditional 3-4 watts.


Choose Your Voltage

This model has three buttons for quickly and easily tweaking the wattage. Its 18650  battery lasts far longer than we expected, much longer than other 510 style cigs. We compared it to the Joye eGo unit and found the latter didn’t stand up to the LavaTube’s battery life. The LavaTube excels by saving battery even more with its choose-your-own voltage capability and convenient and readable digital screen.


Volcano LavaTube Starting Kit

This kit includes the LavaTube e-Cigarette, a LiMN battery that is easy and fast to recharge, a LavaTube atomizer (3 ohm), a replacement drip tip for easy refilling, chargers for a wall socket or your car, and a stylish padded carrier case. This kit has everything a new user needs to experience all the benefits of e-Cigarettes. If that’s not enough, you can buy a huge variety of drip tips so you can refill the cartomizer in one easy step. At only $3, the replacement cartomizers are a great bargain.


Every one of our reviewers LOVED the LavaTube from Volcano. It’s never disappointed a veteran user and has enough options for anyone to get the experience that’s right for them.


V-Liquids, Accessories and Disposables


The V-Liquids from Volcano offer an enormous variety of flavor. We just had to try every one! Our favorite was a blend of Hawaiian Espresso with Coocoo Coconut. Our reviewers agreed it was like breathing a tropical breeze! And with 29 choices, we know we’ll never get tired of the awesome V-Liquid from Volcano. Here’s the complete selection:

  • Aloho Apple
  • Menthol
  • Cherry Lava
  • BlueWater Punch
  • Red Hot Lava
  • Red Wings
  • Bonzai Banana
  • Choconilla Haze
  • Grape Escape
  • Waikiki Watermelon
  • Coocoo Coconut
  • Cotton Candy
  • Hawaiian Espresso
  • Jungle Fruit
  • Kona Coffee
  • Mauna Dew
  • Pearadise
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Pipeline Peach
  • RY-Four
  • Surfer Soda
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Sweet Tart
  • Tobacco
  • Shaka Strawberry
  • Hula Punch
  • Tobacco Pure


WOW – what a great selection. Our reviewers joked about how “tedious” it was to try them all – as if! Each one was unique, and sometimes we blended them with other flavors for a truly unique vapor experience. Each flavor comes in a strength of your choise: 0mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg nicotine. Any smoker will be satisfied with this array of choices, whether you’re just looking for flavor (0mg) or a veteran craving that 24mg nicotine power blast.


Other Accessories

Volcano give their new customers users a choice of two packs for charging their e-Cigarette. If you get the Volcano, you’ll get the V-Pack, and if you get the bigger Magma or Inferno you’ll get then M-Pack. Both cases allow for fast, easy charging wherever you go.


DisposVolcano E Cig Reviewable Units

Many of our readers may appreciate the ease and battery-free style of the disposable Volcano models. Volcano has an excellent selection here as well. For $13, you could purchase an e-Cig that is disposable in either Menthol or Tobacco flavor, with your choice of strength of 0mg, 8mg “lite” or 16 “max flavor” cigarettes. We preferred the Tobacco version’s more natural red LED, but you can also get the green LED Menthol version. Both illuminate just like a real cigarette as you enjoy your vapor.


Don’t forget about Volcano’s new “Express Disposable E-Cigarettes.” Our reviewers thought you would appreciate getting to try the Volcano products without committing to a larger purchase. This product line has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, one cart in 29 different flavors, and a USB charger. Upgrading is easy: get a wall charger, more batteries, more cartomizers in unique flavors and strengths, or take the plunge and get one of Volcano’s higher-end models. You won’t regret it.


South Beach Smoke Review New and Updated For April 2012


South Beach Smoke 2012 - New Site + Revamped Products = EPIC WIN

South Beach Smoke 2012 – New Site + Revamped Products = EPIC WIN


South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

INSTANT 10% South Beach Smoke Coupon Code Discount – EVAPE – Save On Your Order At SouthBeachSmoke.com NOW! Note: The Discount Is AUTO Applied Through Our Special Offer LINK – You WILL See the Savings Reflected in Your Cart – Click ACTIVATE NOW to SAVE!


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South Beach Smoke has been making waves in the E Cig world with their SuperMAX battery and other innovations!


As 2012 progresses, it seems that people are becoming more and more concerned about being tied down. They want their possessions to be easily portable. This applies to e-smokers especially! And South Beach Smoke has revamped their offerings and has you covered.

South Beach Smoke Review 2012

Nothing is more irritating than a long afternoon with a dead e-cigarette in your pocket. Batteries and battery-operated devices have become a driving force in our society. South Beach Smoke is taking these changes in stride. However, it was not well-received in the e-cig community due to many inferior products with similar names on the market. South Beach Smoke isn’t known for second-rate products. This brand offers quality products, including their relatively inexpensive entry level kit, the South Beach Smoke Premium E-Cig.

This review, however, is about the Premium’s successor, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe


…with a big focus on the recently announced the all-new SuperMAX E Cig Battery. This model is a real step up! It is more versatile and attractive, and the battery life is much improved. Anyone looking to make the change from tobacco to e-cigs should stop their search here. The “SuperMAX” batteries in the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Model have made this E-Cig The Best Electronic Cigarette’s #1 rated E-Cig in 2012.



South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

INSTANT 10% South Beach Smoke Coupon Code Discount – EVAPE – Save On Your Order At SouthBeachSmoke.com NOW! Note: The Discount Is AUTO Applied Through Our Special Offer LINK – You WILL See the Savings Reflected in Your Cart – Click ACTIVATE NOW to SAVE!


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The South Beach Smoke Deluxe E-Cig is based on the two most popular standards in the industry—the U9/V9 (Some know it as the KR808D-2… the other standard is the KR808D-1). Other brands that have based their design on the U9—including the out-of-date AmeriSmoke, the E-Smoke Sensation, and the over-rated (if you ask me) Green Smoke—just don’t measure up to the South Beach Smoke Deluxe.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe has better flavor, is easier to use and provides a better experience of use overall. With an awesome features list including a blinged-out LED option, slick black option (my favorite), and of course, the improved battery life over the previous South Beach Smoke models and all its competitors make the new South Beach Smoke Deluxe the best e-cig on the market.

What really grabbed my attention about this e-cig was the addition of a “manual” switch battery. For anyone who has used manual e-cigs in the past, you will know that this allows for better vapor and improved feel of use. The manual button allows for more control over pre-heating and makes for a perfect inhale. The absence of this option on other models is what made me choose KR800D-1 based e-cigs for my own use typically in the past, now that the manual battery is available (and i can enthusiastically report that it works beautifully, delivering way thicker, nicer vapor than in their past version) – i am at least as in love with this enhanced version of the ‘U9’ E Cig specification that SBS’s Deluxe is based upon – and probably more so given the extra quality of construction and overall quality, durable feel.


South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

INSTANT 10% South Beach Smoke Coupon Code Discount – EVAPE – Save On Your Order At SouthBeachSmoke.com NOW! Note: The Discount Is AUTO Applied Through Our Special Offer LINK – You WILL See the Savings Reflected in Your Cart – Click ACTIVATE NOW to SAVE!


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South Beach Smoke Review Revisited…

What I would like to see in E-Cigs but don’t see often enough… The improved battery in the South Beach Smoke Deluxe model is what makes this e-cig the best of the bunch, and it certainly is what drew my eye to this brand to start with. While visiting the South Beach website, I checked out the Deluxe model to see specs. To my great surprise, South Beach has been making innovations beyond just the South Beach Smoke SuperMax battery!

The battery is fantastic and probably the best one out there in e-cigs this size. The battery is an exciting innovation to be sure, but probably only half of what makes South Beach Smoke Deluxe the top choice as a starter kit for anyone interested in e-cigs. I got my original South Beach Deluxe Starter Kit a while back. While visiting their site, I noticed that they recently lowered their price for the Deluxe Starter kit to $59.99. The simpler Premium Starter Kit is a budget-friendly choice at just $29.99.


South Beach Smoke Portable E Cig Charger - It's Awesome

South Beach Smoke Portable E Cig Charger – It's Awesome

Prices have also lowered on the refill carts for whichever model you select (but seriously, get the Deluxe, you’ll really love it). The “Home Delivery Program” that South Beach Smoke offers to its customers is not necessary, though it is a convenient way to make sure you’ve always got a stock of refills. It’s not necessary to sign up for the program, but it’s a great way to make sure you don’t run out of the flavorful and satisfying South Beach E Cigarette Cartomizers—which have even been improved upon as well, wow!

The introduction of a Portable Charging Case is a real advantage to the e-cig user on-the-go. Having seen and used many types, I can say with confidence that the South Beach Smoke Portable Charging case is a fabulous model. You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery power with this one, making it a great choice for those with busy lifestyles.


Back to the good stuff: That innovative battery of theirs! South Beach Smoke is now offering the SuperMax batteries in all three of their Deluxe Starter Kits: the standard Deluxe, the Deluxe Plus, and the Deluxe Ultimate. Any e-smoker that chooses a South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit will get to see these batteries first-hand. After taking a look at these great kits, I was able to find individual batteries on the accessories page of their site, priced at $24.99 for the standard and $29.99 for the longer-lasting High-Capacity version.


South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

INSTANT 10% South Beach Smoke Coupon Code Discount – EVAPE – Save On Your Order At SouthBeachSmoke.com NOW! Note: The Discount Is AUTO Applied Through Our Special Offer LINK – You WILL See the Savings Reflected in Your Cart – Click ACTIVATE NOW to SAVE!


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South Beach Smoke SuperMax BatteryI LOVE the South Beach Smoke Deluxe’s ALL NEW SuperMax Battery!

Okay, I might have been a bit too excited to see how this battery stood up to all the hype. I had trouble waiting for the first charge cycle to finish, but it was well-worth the wait. Even the standard battery, which is quite small, was able to last me hours and hundreds of puffs. I’ll guess that I was able to get more than 300 puffs off just that first charge. But the high-capacity SuperMax Battery blows that number out of the water.

Even after a full day’s use, I didn’t need to charge the battery. Certainly a big change from the nightly ritual of charging up my e-cigs that I’d become accustomed to while using other brands. I must have gotten 600 puffs of vapor out of that first charge. I took it out to the clubs one night and never even had to pull out my spare battery. I can personally say that the hype surrounding the new battery is definitely all true. I’m pretty impressed. Oh, there’s more too. The SuperMax battery offers the option of automatic or manual switches, something which is not seen much in e-cigs these days.

Now, beginning smokers don’t have to worry about manual switches and experienced smokers can use them to get those full-bodied hits they crave. I also enjoyed how there were two color options; black and white. In my opinion, these are really the only choices you need. South Beach Smoke also added this really neat crystal tip that flares orange when you puff the e-cig. It certainly adds a cool vibe to the e-cig and is reminiscent of the tobacco version, something I really liked.

South Beach Smoke DELUXE New Cartomizers - Improved Awesome Vapor!

South Beach Smoke DELUXE New Cartomizers – Improved Awesome Vapor!



New and improved South Beach Smoke Cartomizers… now you can…

So, this is not exactly a South Beach Smoke approved hack, but it is certainly possible. Previously, South Beach Smoke Cartomizers had this hard plastic top cap.

Their new models have a soft rubber seal instead, which they have marketed as being nicer in the mouth. This is true, but that’s only one upside to the change. With the new rubber cap, it’s pretty easy to refill the South Beach Smoke Cartomizers with any e-liquid of your choice. I really like Smart Vaper’s Premium Smart E Liquid (made in the USA too!), but you can use whichever one you prefer.

You can use a bent paperclip (or similar) to easily remove the rubber cartomizer cap. Hold the cartomizer at a 45-degree angle and drop 10-15 drops slowly into the absorbent filler inside. I’ve tried this with some of my favorite e-liquids and they have all worked out quite well with the South Beach Smoke kit and this little trick. Remember, though, that the cartomizers are designed to be disposable. I usually toss mine after three or four refills, because the vapor quality declines over time.

Be careful to not overfill the cartridge—you wouldn’t want to get any of the liquid on your automatic battery. I recommend refilling the cartomizer when it’s detached from the battery. And since the absorbent filler will still retain a little flavor from the liquid before it, try to match the flavor you use for a refill to the one that was in the cartomizer originally. Luckily, South Beach Smoke offers quite the range of flavors to choose from, making this part easy.

Be warned, though, you need to do this refill hack carefully. Getting liquid on your automatic battery could harm it and this wouldn’t be covered by South Beach Smoke’s warranty.


South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

INSTANT 10% South Beach Smoke Coupon Code Discount – EVAPE – Save On Your Order At SouthBeachSmoke.com NOW! Note: The Discount Is AUTO Applied Through Our Special Offer LINK – You WILL See the Savings Reflected in Your Cart – Click ACTIVATE NOW to SAVE!


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Concluding thoughts on South Beach Smoke Review for 2012:


The revamping of the battery and the significant price cuts have without a doubt made South Beach Smoke the new industry leader. This company offers the best e-cig out there at the best value to their customers. Customers can choose the traditional white or snazzy black model, manual and automatic models, and the innovative “SuperMax” e-cig batteries. Though the charge does last a long time, you do need to plug in every once in a while. For this, South Beach Smoke offers the protective and super-handy Deluxe Portable Charging Case—something I highly recommend picking up if you’re serious about e-cigs or spend a lot of time on-the-go.

South Beach Smoke is one of the few brands that has established a history in the market and has shown that they are willing to make changes to better fit consumer demand. They have and will continue to set the pace in the e-cig market, while other brands stumble along, not living up to possibility with their out-of-date technology.

New South Beach Cigarette 2012


The all NEW South Beach Smoke Deluxe E-Cig Starter Kit, Cartomizers, and of course, the amazing Super Max Battery offers the best e-cig experiences available in a mini e-cig (about the size of a standard cigarette). If you are looking for some seriously satisfying vapor hits, you will really enjoy the new Manual Switch South Beach Smoke Battery, which is capable of some seriously big drags; even more than what is available from even larger or higher-voltage models on the market.

I really recommend you try at least one manual battery, even if you haven’t used one before. Even if you aren’t experienced with them, you will find in practice that you will turn to prefer it over the automatic variety. If you have tried Blu Cigs, Luci, Green Smoke or other big-name brands, or even South Beach Smoke’s past models, and are looking for a more satisfying and realistic experience, stop your search here.

The New South Beach Smoke model delivers all that you could ask for. With all the choices available, I can confidently say that the new and improved South Beach Smoke Deluxe model e-cig is a wonderful option that won’t let you down. Don’t forget—you can save 10% off your South Beach Smoke order using our discount.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

INSTANT 10% South Beach Smoke Coupon Code Discount – EVAPE – Save On Your Order At SouthBeachSmoke.com NOW! Note: The Discount Is AUTO Applied Through Our Special Offer LINK – You WILL See the Savings Reflected in Your Cart – Click ACTIVATE NOW to SAVE!


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GRAB YOUR South Beach Smoke Coupon Discount 10% Off

south beach smoke coupon code 2012

Simply click the image above to be redirected to southbeachsmoke.com. The discount will be pre-applied—it will show in your cart. There’s no coupon code to enter, you’ll see your savings waiting there for you. All you need to do to get these savings going is to click directly on one of our savings buttons here. Bookmark this page and return for these savings every time you place an order from South Beach Smoke, even for refills! These savings are available to you every time, with just one click.

Offering Top Tier Performance in a Package That Screams Simplicity, The Volt Electronic Cigarette from Smokeless Image Strikes a Chord with even The Most Discriminating of Tastes

Smokess Image VOLT Review Coupon

Dubbed the ‘VOLT’ Electronic Cigarette, the Smokeless Image electronic cigarette is a relative newcomer to the marketplace that has commanded a steady stream of happy customers that has grown into rather a torrent of devoted fans now that it is 2012 and the Smokeless Image VOLT has been on the market for a solid year. With such a positive reception from users as well as its share of critics (no doubt, me included), people would be hard pressed to count this company out as a contender for the top spots among the very best e cig brands, in what is an ever increasingly crowded market.


Needless to say, I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for my Smokeless Image Volt e-Cigarette package to arrive. Learning a little about the company and a device as a whole as well as the intentions of the company’s founder to brand a smart, powerful electronic cigarette, I was very anxious to try it for myself. With advancements in cartomizer technology and battery, the Smokeless Image e-Cigarette was designed with performance in mind that was meant to be a leap forward rather than a stumble backward.

Of course, I was skeptical upon even hearing such notions about high-performance and improved usability as almost every new e-Cigarette out in the market place aims to trump a leading competitor with wild claims and promises that fail to deliver. I’ve been following the vaping market since its inception several years ago in North America and in that time I’ve yet to use a brand that strikes a fine balance between performance and simplicity that could arguably be the go to cigarette for anyone who enjoys electronic cigarettes.

Smokeless Image Coupon CODE

Smokeless Image Has Generously Offered Our Readers An Exclusive 10% OFF Discount Code Good Storewide Without Restrictions At SmokelessImage.com – To Redeem Simply Click To Copy The Code EVAPE10 For Use At Checkout For Any Sizes Order


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expires 09/23/2017

Does the VOLT e-Cigarette Attempt the Fill a Void in the Electronic Cigarette Marketplace? Is it the Consistent, High Performing e-Cigarette That’s Poised to shake up Leading Competitors Who Skirt by With Undeliverable Promises?

To put it bluntly, the quality of an electronic cigarette lies with the electronic cigarette itself. No amount of corporate branding or intricate packaging will ever change that. An e-cigarette is rated not only on such factors as size and design but on more important factors including vapor draw and battery life. What makes electronic cigarettes a crapshoot for even long established consumers is that it can be very daunting to find one particular brand that you can be content with using. Having an e-Cigarette with very few consumer complaints is hard to come by. Even more so, it’s been said that when design is classified as good, it’s usually invisible to the user. That being said, when an electronic cigarette maintains its use as a day-to-day e-Cigarette with absolutely no trouble for the person who’s using it, that’s a reliable brand you can trust.

Short battery life, lack of a vapor draw, subpar flavor are just a few of the issues every top tier e-Cigarette brand struggles with when it’s out in the marketplace. However,  the Smokeless Image VOLT e-Cigarette brand manages to be the first supplier (and I do mean this, honestly) to really provide a true vaping experience in a package that doesn’t really suffer from any shortcomings you’d notice in other brands.

In truth, Smokeless Image seems to be penetrating the already crowded e-Cigarette market with a number of refinements and enhancements that aren’t necessarily noteworthy yet with a beautifully simple design and durability to match, the VOLT e-Cigarette definitely presents a step forward in achieving the perfect vaping experience.

Smokeless Image Coupon CODE

Smokeless Image Has Generously Offered Our Readers An Exclusive 10% OFF Discount Code Good Storewide Without Restrictions At SmokelessImage.com – To Redeem Simply Click To Copy The Code EVAPE10 For Use At Checkout For Any Sizes Order


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expires 09/23/2017


With a Number of Competing Brands Flooding the Already Saturated Pool of Electronic Cigarettes, What makes The VOLT a Delightful Brand That Deserves Your Attention?

Smokeless Image VOLT ECig DRIP Resistant (drip guard) automatic kr808d-1 batteriesLet’s be perfectly clear about Smokeless Image, while many may claim it to be another competitor spontaneously entering the already crowded market just to get a piece of an increasingly profitable niche, this company offers a superior range of products and excellent customer service. You can tell that each piece is crafted to strict specifications with a bit of TLC that provides the performance for even those who need an entry into the world of smokeless e-Cigarettes.

The elegance with Smokeless Image is that the company could have offered a rather diverse lineup in their products that added a bit of variety. Barring the fact that choice is always a benefit, Smokeless Image realizes that often times, providing consumers with too much choice is not only a turn off for the average smoker but arguably a confusing endeavor. It can even be more difficult for those looking to make the switch from the relative ease of purchasing and using a traditional tobacco cigarette.

What bothers me though, in a general sense, is that electronic smoking still seems to carry with it a stigma in its use. I’ve been an ardent supporter of the e-Smoking movement and have actively participated in touting its merits against that of traditional tobacco cigarettes but when I hear criticisms from people I know personally or not, it simply irks me. Making the switch to an electronic cigarette for the better part of 3 years now has had a rather positive effect on my life and to hear impressions that range from the device being “too hard to inhale from” or the “lack of satisfaction” one would get from a traditional cigarette just signifies to me that these people aren’t trying hard enough to not only make the switch but truly find and identify with a brand they can enjoy.
What angers me in particular?

As I mentioned above, when people are quick to criticize a brand for not providing them with the satisfying experience they come to expect, it becomes evident that they fail to do their homework. All electronic cigarettes are not created equally. People can’t expect to make the switch to the use of electronic cigarettes and expect to find the perfect brand the instant they switch. With a growing catalog of devices each measured in varying degrees of quality, performance, and design;  a consumer would really need to consider the virtues of ‘trial and error’. Some brands offer underpowered, less developed batteries while others offer varied cartomizer (as well as atomizer) technology that may or may not be suitable for your tastes.

But more importantly, the electronic cigarette industry is plagued with the notion that a successful electronic cigarette is attributed to such a thing as expensive marketing and brand-building. Just like other industries, the e-Cigarette industry is filled with suppliers who use profits from successful sales of their products to market themselves heavily while failing to address any apparent or potential shortcomings. It’s clear that most companies value their own brand over the quality of their products. With Smokless Images’ VOLT e-Cigarette, it seems that the reverse is true. The quality of their product is paramount to their success as a leading electronic cigarette supplier and if anything, marketing and brand awareness comes second.

Smokeless Image Coupon CODE

Smokeless Image Has Generously Offered Our Readers An Exclusive 10% OFF Discount Code Good Storewide Without Restrictions At SmokelessImage.com – To Redeem Simply Click To Copy The Code EVAPE10 For Use At Checkout For Any Sizes Order


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expires 09/23/2017



A Quality Product and a Customer Base Who Swears By The Satisfaction They Get At A Great Value Seems To Do The Talking For Them

With an absolutely amazing state of the art 2-piece design that rivals leading competitors of mini electronic cigarettes and a powerfully efficient cartomizer, the VOLT represents the pinnacle of advanced smoking technology. Rival brands such as Luci or Blu Cigs continue to tout their respective cigarettes despite lagging behind other competitors (much like the VOLT) in these key aspects.

Through meticulous design of its connection ports, heating coil, air flow passages to the aesthetic feel of holding in your hand a luxury electronic cigarette that’s designed for everyday use, VOLT is a class of e-Cigarette all its own. With an attention to craftsmanship and superior performance, I doubt that smokers today will be able to find a brand that matches these desirable traits in other competitors. I sure haven’t.


Smokeless Image Takes a Leap Forward In Terms of Manufacturing a High Performance e-Cigarette

Make no mistake; the VOLT is a finely crafted piece of technological beauty. With a plethora of details that are deliberately subtle to the naked eye, I’ve never encountered such a marvel of an electronic cigarette – and I dont say that lightly!

Construction of the device is much more precise and durable with a strong emphasis on both ease of use and performance. The Volt E Cig outclasses components one would see in most existing bare-bones, earlier generation KR808D models (such as brands like SmokeTip as well as generic kits). A notable example is the introduction of “Drip

In my opinion it also beats the socks off the other main competing standard (sometimes referred to as the KR808d-2 but more accurately the E9 or U9) that is used in some very popular brands – most notably the – ever over-rated in this author’s opion! – Green Smoke E Cig. It is fair to say however that the ‘U9’ specs found in models like GreenSmoke, the eSmoke Sensation and the completely re-engineered and significantly improved 2012 South Beach Smoke Deluxe model – generally feature a very high level of precious craftsmanship. While in some cases i have found that same level of precise, quality manufacturing in many KR808D-1 models (it really does vary as though the specification is the same, they are MANY different factories that produce their own versions of each of these models – which is why i tend to refer to them as a specification or blueprint).


The cartomizer itself is employs standards that rival similar models such as the E9/V9 cartomizer used by such popular brands as eSmoke and NJOY brand electronic cigarettes. I’ve noticed the following refinements and enhancements in the VOLT:


  • Connectors between the VOLT’s cartomizer and battery have increased symmetry between them
  • The heating coil inside the cartomizer lies horizontally at the base. As a result, there no longer is a wire that loops around the air-flow tube as seen in current KR808D models. With this subtle change in the heating coil placement, the VOLT outputs a far smoother, consistent amount of vapor than models with heating coils with looped wires.
  • VOLT uses In-Laid rubber o-rings in its designs of both the batter and cartomizer connectors. As a result of using these rings, there is a significant reduction in a chance of a battery short or prematurely dying during extended use. The rubber connectors also happen to provide a rather snug fit between both units which adds to the overall construction as a whole.
  • Smokeless Image branded cartomizers are incredibly easy to use and refill. To top that off, with extended use of each cartomizer there was absolutely no loss of flavor or an altered taste that is reminiscent of say, cardboard, something many consumers have experienced when refilling early KR808D-1 cartomizer models.
  • The filler material used to hold e-Liquid is made of a much more resistant material and appears to be much more efficient in handling heat and extended use especially when pitted against current cartomizers out in the market now. Even being paired with high voltage products like the Pro-Vari Mod and Joye Ego Batteries, there was never a change in taste which usually comes about with cartomizer and battery swapping of a few select brands.
  • The automatic battery switch instantly turns on the device and produces an amazing amount of vapor without having to really make an effort. The design is much more versatile than other brands as it is specifically designed to only be triggered when it needs to be triggered. So unlike other brands that may turn on from a sudden gust of wind, VOLT remains off until it’s used.


VOLT’S Battery is a Technological Marvel in It of Itself

One of the bigger aspects of making the switch from a traditional tobacco cigarette to that of an electronic cigarette is the battery. Unlike traditional cigarettes that are well, for lack of a better term, analog, electronic cigarettes require a power source. This ultimately becomes a bigger issue as battery capacity can sometimes be one of the bigger pains a smoker will have to face. It’s almost routine to come across a wide range of smokers complaining about battery capacity in terms of use. Every smoker has different usage patterns and in turn, it becomes difficult to expect a battery to outperform under a variety of usage patterns. It’s also been a source of frustration for e-Cigarette suppliers that try to create a battery that holds enough of a charge in a rather small package. As a result, larger battery models seem to reap more market share than minis simply due to differing charge capacities.

The VOLT’s framework is built upon the original KR808D-1 model and essentially is built with the same length in mind. The difference between the VOLT’s battery and other KR808D-1 models is its advancement in charge capacity. While competing brands from previous generations would hold roughly 150maH in a compact space, Smokeless Image has managed to create a small 65mm battery that holds a highly respectable 220maH.  Their longer battery happens to hold 320maH, that’s a 100maH difference! Though, to be perfectly fair, it still won’t appease moderate or even heavy smokers as they will definitely require either a Portable Charging Case and or an additional battery to get them through the day. However, for the rest of us, this small enhancement of the KR808D-1 model provides a significant boost in use. No longer will consumers be annoyed by a subpar hours’ worth of usage. Comparable brands just can’t outperform the VOLT’s battery and it’s evident when the battery lasts substantially longer than the competition.

VOLT Batteries Still Offer an Incentive To Switch From Competing e-Cigarette Brands

VOLT offers two different types of battery sizes which also come in a rather impressive assortment of 12 different colors on top of standard colors such as black, white, and silver. Purchasing a colored battery means that you’ll be getting one in ‘auto’ mode however as of the writing of this review, select colors will also be available in manual operation as well. For the unfamiliar, the difference between an automatic and manual battery is that an automatic battery doesn’t require the user to press and hold a button on the unit while inhaling to activate the cartomizer and enjoy. So, it mimics a traditional cigarette. However, it’s strictly a matter of preference as some smokers prefer manual operation to automatic. One could probably make an analogy of the automatic/manual preference with that of an automatic/stick shift car. Much like stick shift drivers who prefer greater control over their vehicle, smokers who opt for a manual battery report greater control over their electronic cigarette than an automatic could provide them. With manual batteries, it’s possible for consumers to use a product called the ‘drip tip’ for greater control in smoking and the added incentive of not having to worry about e-Liquid getting into the battery chamber. While it’s a bit of overkill to make an ongoing comparison, I am certainly pleased to see that Smokeless Image gives consumers more latitude in the way they smoke.

For novice smokers, you really couldn’t go wrong with an automatic battery as it helps you ease into the transition from a traditional cigarette to an electronic one. For those more seasoned or wanting greater control in vapor production and use, the manual option is definitely for you. Though, if you’re opting to buy a kit with two batteries, I would highly suggest purchasing one of each and giving both options a try.

In Some Respects, VOLT e-Cigarettes is Comparable to A Few Other Reputable Brands (such as the Bloog MaxXFusion e-Cigarette), But Of Course There are Key Differences:

1) Unlike other brands, Smokeless Image has a toll-free number that is happy to answer your questions. Coupled with online support that can be accessed even in the twilight hours, you’d be foolish to consider other companies as being in the same league.

2) There’s a clear distinction between Smokless Image’s VOLT e-Cigarette and rival Bloog, here’s how they compare and contrast:

Shipping – There’s no contest here, Smokeless Image has free shipping on all orders totaling $55 and over. Bloog’s free shipping perk, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily give uses a lot of flexibility if they plan to spend less than $100 (not to mention that if you don’t hit the $100 mark for free shipping, USPS estimates are at $11.90.)

Starter Kits:

Both Smokeless Image and Bloog offer four starter kits, each with their own similarities and differences:
An entry-level starter kit for the VOLT starts at only $29.99, that’s arguably a steal.

Granted that the entry level starter kits are generally disposable e-cigarettes good for limited use (usually 1 time) and are generally of poor quality, yet Smokeless Image’s entry level e-Cigarette is quite literally the crème of crop. With an attractive price point for anyone curious to make the switch to an electronic cigarette but not invest so much in the process, the VOLT is definitely the best bet. Included are:

• 1 65mm standard battery (for $1 more, you can upgrade to the 78mm option for longer, extended use)
• 5 refillable cartomizers  (your choice of both flavor and nicotine strength)
• 1 USB charger

Bloog’s “Basic Starter Kit” ($44.95) offers:

• 1 78mm standard battery
• 5 cartomizers
• 1 velvet battery pouch (usually a throwaway accessory)
• 1 USB charger with an additional USB wall charger kit.

While Bloog may offer just slightly more on the accessory side, it really isn’t necessary. Given the $1 upgrade fee for a larger battery, it still provides an amazing amount savings comparable to Bloog’s starter kits. That’s a savings of about $13. That being said, savings are abound with Smokeless image. Individual batteries are priced at $12.99 (as opposed to Bloog’s $15.99). Cartomizer refills are currently priced at $8.95 for a 5-pack (as opposed to Bloog’s $10.99 pack). With continued use of the VOLT, expect to see continued savings on e-Cigarette accessories which can really add up in the long term.

Final Thoughts on The Smokeless Image VOLT Electronic Cigarette

The Reviews are in and, quite frankly, it’s hard to argue. This electronic cigarette is amazing as evidenced by the mission statement on Smokeless Image’s website:: “Smokeless Image’s goal is to deliver high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories, while providing the best customer service and prices that make these great new products accessible to every smoker.”

Despite the fact that this company is a relative newcomer to the electronic cigarette industry, VOLT is a wonderfully designed cigarette that’s suitable for your everyday needs, thanks in part to the company’s commitment to providing customers with the best cigarette out in the market today. Add to that the various enhancements and refinements to the existing KR808D-1 model and this is definitely an electronic cigarette worth keeping an eye on. You’re getting a high quality cigarette at an affordable baseline price. What more could anyone possibly want?

For those who want an easy transition from traditional tobacco that mimics the usual smoking routine, or for those who’ve swapped e-Cigarette after e-Cigarette looking for one that satisfies their need for taste, quality, and performance, make no mistake. The Smokeless Image VOLT e-Cigarette is a fantastic choice for the average smoker or someone who wants a dependable e-Cigarette. Throw in a few RY4 cartomizers and you have a sure fire way to enjoy one of the best, if not ­­­the best electronic cigarette today.


What even better is There is A Smokeless Image Coupon Code – use the code EVAPE10 on checkout to save an instant 10% on any order from Smokeless Image!


Bloog Maxx Fusion E-Cig Review

Bloog’s Stellar Maxx Fusion E-Cigarette is Storming the Marketplace!


The reviews are in! The Bloog maxx fusion ecig line is ranked among the best in electronic cigarette makers. They come in a sexy 2 piece design, high quality automatic batteries (manual also available) – while also giving you an insane amount of color choices, Mini Personal Charger Case (PCC), sanitary mouthpieces, pass-throughs for using your Bloog on your PC, and unique flavors (menthol, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, etc.) The Bloog cigarette company gives you so many options, you’ll feel like your a kid in a candy store! Check out their liquid fusion cartridge refills if you like candy!


How do they taste?


They really taste great. To start, they have many flavors that will invoke some “interesting” appeal from customers – they sort of breakaway from conventions with a few of their options… The coffee flavor is probably one of the most popular flavors (whether this has anything to do with how well coffee and nicotine go together or not, we don’t really know.) You can also try their liquid fusion refill bottles (in a variety of sizes) to refill your maxxfusion cartomizer with unique flavors like watermelon and caramel. Also be sure you have a Bloog coupon code ready when you make your order.


The 2-piece design and automatic battery features make it easy to get a big, flavorful draw in a hurry when you really need a fix. A recent Bloog electronic cigarettes review told of how the company had to expand their production to stratospheric levels to accommodate the large order volume they’ve been receiving. They have assured all of us that they were deeply sorry for being sold out on multiple occasions, and they are supremely confident they will do a great job at preventing such an issue from occurring on bloogplanet.com ever again. This isn’t really a problem, when you consider the Bloog cigarette became so popular, so fast – the company had to completely restructure itself to meet customer demand!



This is one area where Bloog really shines. They offer unique (and rather smart) accessories; some of which many seasoned “vapers” probably haven’t ever heard of – but you don’t have to be among the vaping obsessed or an expert e cig user to get the great benefits of Bloog E Cig offerings.


Bloogplanet.com offer USB passthroughs, so you can vape on your PC or laptop and keep your batteries charged for when you leave the house. There are plenty of ecigarette companies out there that have got onboard with producing smart battery technology and abandoned conventional manual versions – Bloog still offers manual versions for people who prefer to have push button control, to maximize battery and cartomizer longevity and allow better control over vapor production.


Bloog Maxxfusion Starter Kits


In our opinion, one of the best things that Bloog Maxx Fusion has accomplished is their e cig starter kits. They’ve expanded the options to a point where anyone can afford to try digital smoking. The Basic Starter kit gives you a great ecig kit for under $50.00 – You get a single battery, 5 flavored cartomizers, both wall and USB chargers, and a carrying case. If you know what you like you can go all out and order the Ultimate Starter kit with PCC included – It gives you two batteries, USB passthrough, car charger, home outlet charger, 5 custom flavored cartomizers to get started with, and you can download the manual anytime you need it at Bloogplanet.com!


Why would you want to smoke something that needs all this gear to enjoy it?


Companies like Bloog and the Maxx Fusion E-Cigarette line are around because there is a lot of people out there who are sick of dealing with the side effects caused by tobacco. To make things worse: Nicotine is one of the hardest addictions that any of us could ever imagine dealing with. It’s a scientifically proven fact that our friend “Nic-o-teen” is harder to shake than a full-blown crack addiction!


So manufacturers like Bloog Maxx Fusion have given us the option to still get our Nicotine: But in a potentially (there still have not been the studies to enable proving it – but a little research and common sense quickly indicate that the electric cigarette – now more popularly being referred to as the ‘water vapor cigarette’ and controlled device that use water vapor to mimic the feeling you get at the back of your throat when you inhale tobacco (along with the Nicotine your body craves – though you always have the option of zero nicotine if you have a more strictly physical habit that won’t let go – nothing compares to the bloog e cig when it comes to mimicking the smoking process, nicotine or not).


There isn’t any need to go all out and buy a full blown kit, like the popular Mini PCC Starter, or the Ultimate – these are the best of the best Bloog has to offer, but if you want a stripped down kit to start with… just to see if you like it, then by all means go for it. The truth is, if you are anything like other novice e-smokers, you will be a pro in no time and wishing you had the extra batteries, sleeker look, etc. that the pricier kits give you.


Wow! We’ve Touched on a Lot Today


This expert has written many less-lengthy documents, then he has with this Maxx Fusion review. But, when you find a winner its worth commending their finer attributes. Heck, if word of mouth didn’t exist then we would still believe the world is flat, that man isn’t meant to fly… If you think tobacco is the only way to enjoy a drag of Nicotine, then you may die from heart disease and cancers, never realizing that products like the Bloog ecig are potentially much healthier for you (ecigarettes contain only Nicotine, a water vapor base and optionally simple flavoring).


Overall, Bloog Maxx Fusion vaping products rank in the top 10 on all reputable ecig review sites (and if they don’t you are looking at the WRONG review site – with marketers trying to sell you on inferior products like the GreenSmoke or The Safe Cig with high payouts for them – I can assure you Bloog Maxx Fusion is at the TOP of the current offerings and beats big name brands such as those mentioned to Blu Cigs, Luci, eSmoke, and even brands I really do like very much including Vapor4Life and V2 Cigs). Moreover, if you see any that aren’t offering significant savings by offering you a Bloog coupon – do not by from them! We always offer Bloog coupons in all our reviews.


By the way, the staff here are all expert “vaping” fanatics, and while that may not be who you are – it does stand to benefit you through our experience (I say this for real and hope you can tell from the thoroughness of reviews compared to similar sites you may find online that we know what we are talking about – in depth!). We don’t recommend products that have no history / track record nor those which we have not tried first hand and put through their paces or who don’t provide the quality we’ve come to expect in recent years from top ecig manufacturers out there.


There are well over 300 e-cigarette suppliers in the USA alone today – and with good reason, it is a brilliant innovation and there is a huge market for these devices. But with that comes a gigantic range in quality and big marketing machines telling you every big brand is best – IT IS NOT TRUE.


E Cigarettes are NOT CREATED EQAUL! This is true now more than ever, and I don’t see this letting up any time soon. If you are still wondering, check out some of the other Maxx Fusion reviews on here, or compare Bloog with other popular brands – so you can be confident you’re getting the best product for your hard-earned money. Times are tough and quality is king! While the biggest names in the industry prefer to spend their revenues on massive marketing hoopla, Bloog have proven with their Maxx Fusion lineup that they would rather invest money in research and development to product today’s best electronic smoking experience, something the Maxx Fusion E Cig delivers better than just about any other option out there.


You Can Save an Instant 10% Off Your Purchase At BloogPlanet.com Using Coupon Code EVAPE10

Simply Enter At Checkout And The Bloog Coupon Code Will Instantly Apply the 10% Bloog Maxx Fusion Discount To Your Order!

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