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What is the best e cig in the market? It is really a difficult matter to vote for any one particular e cig brand as the current leader as there are so many brands available in the market with fantastic offerings. However, all are not same and a few excel the others in respect of their features.
The greatest advice while starting the search will be to start with the top players in the field. What you want is to already know that the handful of brands that you select for appraisal is already considered the top players. These brands have gradually established a loyal customer following and their unique image of the smokeless cigarette concept.

The top brands chosen for comparison here are the V2 Cigs, Eversmoke, and SmokeStik. While there are too many brands to select from, the confusion can b arrested at the initial point if you start with these three as the prioritized choices.
Various characteristics can be the comparison points for your electronic cigarettes. You have to judge the number of smokes they offer per battery recharge and also the total number of smokes they offer over their complete shelf life. You need to characterize the weight of the devices, as it is a vital part of the whole experience of smoking an e-cig. The flavor choices are very high on characteristics priority lists, as they can be the ultimate deciding factor when all other characteristics pan out to be close to each other. The durability of the device is tantamount to comparison because as customers you would like that your device provides the maximum output during their times. Final deciding factor in the race for the best e-cig is their affordability. Price plays a huge role in to swaying the customersí minds towards the final choice and it should be at par with the most competitive in the market as well as offering the maximum number of features at that price.

Electronic Cigarette Review #1 – Assessing the V2 Cigs E Cigarette

V2 cigs holds the rank of being the most popular web marketed e-cig brand. Most people concentrate on the brand image of the e-cigs just as much as they focus on the quality of the material. In this regards, V2 is ahead of the curve. They support a cutting edge performance through the development of an innovative technology model. 4.2 V batteries support the V2 e-cig models. The model comes in two versions of manual and automatic. They offer a range of ten flavors and four different nicotine levels. They have flawless customer support and allow for a 30-day money back guarantee, which builds customer trust in the brand. The V2 cigs have been known to be quite sustainable and they provide at least an equivalent smoke duration of two packets of cigarettes.

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Assessing Eversmoke e-cigs

The edge that Evermoke has over the other brands of e-cigs in the market is with their wide range of accessories’ options. The flavor options of Eversmoke are just as diverse as the other leading brands with the added quality that the flavors do not leave a bad taste in the mouth as a residual. There are different strength varieties that include the full or heavy strength variety, which is offered by the 18 mg cartridges. The lites model is for smokers who want to enjoy a milder strength of nicotine and the cartridges for this model are about 12 mg strength. The ultra lites are the mildest nicotine version of the brand and contain6 mg cartridges. For those of you who would just like to enjoy a flavored e-cig without the added nicotine, you can just as well order the 0 mg variety of the cigarette.

Assessing the Smokestik e-cigs

Smokestik has incorporated a great many proponents into their brand development and marketing strategies. They have definitely occupied more media space than the other brands and have been associated with big celebrity names such as Katherine Heigl.
Katherine Heigl has propositioned with the e-cig brand to create the Pitbull starter kit, which brings the popularity of e-cigarettes to a completely new level. The affordability the brand has is a competitive appeal, and the individual costs of the e-cigs at per smoke level are much cheaper than conventional cigarettes. The Smokestik 4081 cartomizers are the latest development of the brand to provide a much better performance level to the users. Flavor options are exhaustive and the sustainability of the XL 4081 cartomizers is equivalent to the performance of 30 conventional cigarette packs.
There is a very close competition between these top players of the e-cigs field. However, you can assess their qualities and match them according to your rank of preferences. If you prefer a brand, which has established quite an image and is being considered one of the trendiest, try Smokestik. A significant web presence is a positive factor for V2 cigs and Eversmoke has the edge with the nicotine strengths and levels. The choice comes down to the brand that best suits your needs.
Best E cigs –  a brief intro on e-cigarettes
E cigarette is the abbreviated form of electronic cigarette, which is the most trending device for smokers who are either


  • Looking to cut down on their habit
  • Completely stop smoking or are
  • Looking for an alternative to the no smoking ban that has been levied on most of the public places.

Electronic cigarettes are assembled devices, which have various parts to support different functions. The idea is to allow for a battery, an atomizer, and a nicotine liquid carrying cartridge to be pieced together in a manner to constitute a device that can help with smokeless smoking. The nicotine strengths can be varied according to the tastes and the need of the smokers. Usually people who have been addicted to nicotine for a long time and just starting with their rehab programs, need a stronger strength.

Some people have clearly progressed in to the next vital steps of the rehab program and might not need a very high strength of nicotine. However, even at this stage they have a variety of options of flavored liquids to choose from for their e- cigs. There are multiple electronic cigarette brands in the market and each of them has their own inventive flavor options for their customers. Based on this and several other varieties you can always distinguish the best e-cig for you out of the colossal number of brands in the market.

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